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15 Essential Apps For Digital Marketers

24 September 2018, Ben Blackler

What does an app have to do to get onto the first screen of your phone? We’d imagine it would have to be something you’d want or need to use daily – at least. Take a look at 15 apps we think tick that box for the digital marketer.

Slack mobile app

Voice Search & SEO Content Strategy

8 March 2018, Jonathan Saipe

voice search SEO
With voice search growing at a very rapid rate, learn about the steps to consider, when planning and writing digital content.

17 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Ecommerce Performance

16 February 2018, Ben Blackler

ecommerce conversion optimisation
Ben Blacker analyses Visualsoft’s latest research, identifying 17 factors that are key to maximising ecommerce sales and performance.

11 GDPR Questions & Answers Marketers Need To Know

8 January 2018, Ben Blackler

GDPR - general data protection regulations

What do marketers need to know about GDPR? We asked Sherree Westell, a solicitor at Woodroffes, who leads Emarketeers’ GDPR training course, and who has been working in the field of data protection for over 20 years.

A Large Portion Of Your Google Analytics Traffic Might Be Fake

9 October 2017, Remco Van Der Beek

Whilst auditing the Google Analytics account of one of our clients recently, I came across a curious thing. The GA browser report showed that more than 60% of sessions occurred via the browser Mozilla Compatible Agent. This had the effect of massively skewing the data, which, if unnoticed, could have had major consequences on reporting and measurement.
Browser report

Content Strategy Frameworks – How To Ensure They Really Work

12 July 2017, Anne Caborn

Content Strategy Frameworks – How To Ensure They Really Work

Back in the day, content strategy involved a sharp twig and a wax tablet. These days there are content strategies and content strategy tools a plenty. But how do you choose the right ones?

The 10 Most Popular SEO Questions & Answers 2017

7 June 2017, Jonathan Saipe

Measuring featured snippets using SEMrush
To help keep you informed of the latest SEO trends, here are the 10 most popular SEO questions and answers we’ve encountered from the last 6 months.

State Of Analytics 2017 Survey

17 May 2017, Jonathan Saipe

How often do you interogate your analytics data?
Emarketeers’ latest State of Analytics 2017 Survey shows that UK organisations are suffering from the analytics skills gap. See full results. See full survey results.

Do You Have The Skills To Deliver Digital Transformation?

2 May 2017, Tracey Stern

Should Brands Be Using Facebook Live?

28 March 2017, Ben Blackler

Facebook live

Marketers have very bipolar views on Facebook Live with vociferous arguments for and against. Whilst there are individual cases of Facebook Live videos trending almost into the stratosphere, few brands have made a success of it.