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At Emarketeers, we appreciate the importance of professional accreditation and development. We train more than 1,000 brands per year, and as an industry recognised brand, our certification demonstrates improved individual competence and skills in the key digital disciplines.

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To help you achieve certification, each of our face-to-face courses contribute towards your total CPD (continuing professional development) hours, which means the more courses you take with us, the larger your accumulated CPD total hours.

Once you have reached a total number of CPD hours, you will be awarded with Emarketeers Certification.

Our certification levels:

What will I receive after certification?

  1. A printed certificate demonstrating your level of certification attained
  2. A digital certification logo to use on your CV
  3. A digital certificate you can to add to your LinkedIn profile (see how to add LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications)
  4. A unique discount code to redeem on future Emarketeers courses