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Despite competition from other channels knocking on its door, PPC and paid search often lead the way in driving the highest percentage of leads, sales and other micro goals, compared with other channels. However, a huge number of paid search accounts and campaigns are either unprofitable and show enormous amounts of wastage, either due to poor management, lack of time or resource running campaigns, or under optimisation arising from lack of skills.


How we can help?

With the Google Ads Search and Display networks evolving at an unprecedented pace, keeping up to speed with the changes and the opportunities available requires the perfect combination of time, resource and skills.  

With Emarketeers’ heritage training both brands and agencies in the art of delivering successful and profitable PPC campaigns, our team of search consultants can help deliver better ROI with your paid search campaigns, be it Google Ads, Google Shopping, YouTube or Bing Ads.

And, as part of your digital transformation goals, our team can both manage your activity and deliver regular workshops and training, to upskill your team at the same time.

What we offer

Our Paid Seach and PPC services cover Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads and include the following:

  • Campaign strategy and planning including competitor analysis
  • Campaign setup and day-to-day management
  • Conversion tag setup and testing
  • Keyword research, setup and bid optimisation
  • On-going competitor / auction insight reporting
  • Ad copywriting/creative testing and optimisation
  • Landing page strategy and conversion/event tagging
  • Placement research, testing and optimisation
  • Remarketing tag and audience list setup
  • RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) setup and implementation
  • Dynamic Search and Display Network ads
  • Monthly reporting and account management
  • 'Standard' Google Ads training and advanced Google Ads training
  • Comprehensive PPC audits

What people say...

I highly recommend attending this course if you want to make sure you are getting the most out of GA4 and to learn about all the changes.

The help we’ve had with our Google Analytics and Tag Manager tracking has been invaluable. We’re improving our website thanks to the better data we’re getting.

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