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9 Ways To Build Custom GA4 Events Without GTM

25 August 2023, Jonathan Saipe

Learn how to set up custom GA4 events without GTM
If you’re reading this article, you are probably wondering what your options are when setting up custom events in GA4, either because you aren’t using Google Tag Manager (GTM), or because you don’t have access to it. Learn more about setting up custom GA4 events with using GTM.

Do Our Jobs Define Us, Or Do We Define Our Jobs?

15 October 2021, Jonathan Saipe

When you strike up a conversation with a stranger, how long does it take you to ask them what their line of work is? Does their job define them, and does the same apply to you? Jonathan Saipe discusses the concept of career identity.

career identity

A Short Story About Gordon and Geoffrey Moore

22 July 2020, Jonathan Saipe

This a story about two Moores: Gordon Moore of Intel and Geoffrey Moore, author of “Crossing The Chasm”.
people and technology

How do you market to Gen Z and Gen Alpha?

21 July 2020, Allister Frost

Much has been written about the differences between Millennials, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha, so I’ve hesitated before adding to the noise. Especially as I’m not really a believer in pigeon-holing vast swathes of the population into one broad category. Adapting a brand’s marketing approach for someone born between 1995 and 2012 (a Gen Z’er) seems about as sensible to me as tailoring a message for someone with the Sagittarius star sign (born between 23 Nov and 21 December, in case you’re wondering).

Teenagers looking at phone

The One Question You Should Be Asking Your Media Agency

26 September 2019, Ben Blackler

Do you know how much money your media agency is making from your account? If you don’t, you really should. And here’s why.
Dave Barnett, co-founder of December19 media agency

7 Pro Tips To Boost Your Google Ads ROI

30 April 2019, Jonathan Saipe

Google Ads optimisation - pro tips
With so many moving parts in an average Google Ads campaign, it’s not surprising that many campaigns are either running at a loss, or suffer significantly reduced their ROI, due to poor optimisation. Take a look at our pro optimisation tips which will almost certainly have a positive impact on your Google Ads ROI.

Don’t Trust Your SEO Plugin To Optimise Your Website

23 April 2019, Clark Boyd

Don't trust your SEO plugin
With so many moving parts in a typical SEO campaign, can a simple SEO plugin really do the job? Clark Boyd, SEO specialist, offers his opinion.

How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

28 March 2019, Will Francis

Instagram Live Stories

Learn how content gets ranked in the Instagram feed, and how you can make sure your posts are actually seen by the right people.

When Do I Gate Content For Lead Generation?

8 March 2019, Simon Hall

The concept of gating content has been debated a lot amongst B2B marketers, though probably it should be less about “whether” to gate, but more about “when” to gate content. Knowing when to gate content is the challenge, as timing it wrong can lead to very negative results. Simon Hall, B2B lead generation expert discusses when to gate content to maximise results.

Gated content for lead generation

The Ultimate Guide To Finding & Engaging Influencers

8 January 2019, Jane Bellard

Uber influencers
Jane Bellard, influencer marketing and PR specialist, offers extensive insight into the process of finding and engaging with influencers. If your job description includes social media, PR, brand or (of course) influencer marketing, then read on.