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Do you want to start equipping your teams with the skills your organisation needs for the future? Do you feel confident knowing which will be the most critical to success?

At Emarketeers, our unique ASK method helps you to identify the digital skills gaps most important to your organisation's future. We work closely with you to eliminate skills shortages, creating a future-fit team for your digital transformation.

What is ASK?

ASK assesses the digital capabilities of individual employees and teams and identifies digital skills gaps. ASK allows us to develop comprehensive and tailored development plans, to resolve skills gaps and provide on-going assessment.

Who is it for?

Ask yourself: Does your organisation see value in investing in the digital skills of its employees? Does your organisation want to improve its digital performance, and retain talent through up-skilling and improving personal performance KPIs.

If the answers to these questions is yes, then ASK is for you.

ASK helps to create effective plans, tailored to your business. It gives you a snapshot of current performance and creates targets to improve upon, allowing you to demonstrate the value of training to your organisation.

How it works

The ASK process starts with an initial assessment phase, via stakeholder interviews, as well as a customised survey, which identifies initial gaps and opportunities.

Results can then be segmented by individual, department or function, in order to clearly identify digital skills gaps.

More granular assessment can also be carried out, comparing individual skills with their perceived knowledge and confidence, helping minimise risk and improve opportunities for growth and development.

How it can help your organisation

As each ASK programme is customised specifically for each business, the outputs will help create a clear vision of current knowledge levels, and the skills-gaps that need to be filled.

  • It contributes to a company-wide learning and development roadmap
  • It allows organisations to benchmark overall digital skills against industry sector
  • It customises assessment based on your organisation’s digital priorities
  • It assesses skills against a defined framework of digital capabilities
  • It helps to deliver more profitable and efficient outcomes from digital activities


Get in touch today to discuss how we can help. Call us on 020 3925 2829 or