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With Google driving up to 50% of referral traffic on most websites, getting your search visibility in optimal condition has never been so critical. But how do you make significant gains in a competitive, multi-device world? Emarketeers' SEO audit will provide a holistic view of your on- and off-page performance, highlighting quick wins versus long-term opportunities, capped off with an action plan itemised by difficulty and impact. 


How we can help?

Each SEO audit contains over 70 pages of performance data and competitive metrics, highlighting quick wins versus longer-term search strategic suggestions, to help you gain a competitive edge and to give you an action plan. 

The findings in each SEO audit will include:

  • Search ranking reports and clickstream data 
  • Competitor ranking data
  • Detailed link metrics and competitor trends
  • On-page optimisation improvements
  • Crawling and technology issues
  • User experience and multi-device metrics
  • Content strategy recommendations

Each audit can be accompanied by a facilitated workshop, and if required, can be delivered on a rolling monthly basis, in order to monitor incremental improvements and competitor activity.

What people say...

Wonderfully presented with a very knowledgeable trainer who was clearly passionate and up-to-date in his subject field. The course was interesting, interactive and gave enough information to go on but not too much to overload my brain! Thank you!

Very informative course, with some great ideas for implementing a solid strategy once back in the office.

This course is engaging, paced well and left me feeling well informed about a subject I knew very little about before.

Perfect workshop on Email Marketing, I would definitely recommend.

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