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With digital content at the heart of your brand and performance marketing activity, it is critical that your website, email, in-app or social media content delivers value, engages with your audience, and represents your organisational values and ethos. Getting your content wrong will prevent you extracting value from your digital assets or campaigns, not to mention your brand and reputation. Emarketeers' digital content audit will ensure you are on the right track, deriving maximum value from all of your digital assets.

How we can help?

Our content audit will can help you ensure your brand tone-of-voice is consistently represented throughout your web, email and social content. We will also ensure that you adhere to best practice digital copywriting principles, in order to extract maximum value from your content. 

Depending on your requirements, a typical content audit can assess a wide variety of measures and KPIs including:

  • online readability
  • persona and audience engagement
  • customer-journey mapping
  • cross-device performance
  • SEO best-practices

Our digital content specialists can help you to analyse existing content, to identify what is and isn’t working, making practical suggestions on how to gain quick versus long-term improvements, to drive business growth. And, if required, assess your competitive landscape in our findings.

What people say...

Wonderfully presented with a very knowledgeable trainer who was clearly passionate and up-to-date in his subject field. The course was interesting, interactive and gave enough information to go on but not too much to overload my brain! Thank you!

Very informative course, with some great ideas for implementing a solid strategy once back in the office.

This course is engaging, paced well and left me feeling well informed about a subject I knew very little about before.

Perfect workshop on Email Marketing, I would definitely recommend.

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