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How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

28 March 2019, Will Francis

Instagram Live Stories

Learn how content gets ranked in the Instagram feed, and how you can make sure your posts are actually seen by the right people.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding & Engaging Influencers

8 January 2019, Jane Bellard

Uber influencers
Jane Bellard, influencer marketing and PR specialist, offers extensive insight into the process of finding and engaging with influencers. If your job description includes social media, PR, brand or (of course) influencer marketing, then read on.

Should Brands Be Using Facebook Live?

28 March 2017, Ben Blackler

Facebook live

Marketers have very bipolar views on Facebook Live with vociferous arguments for and against. Whilst there are individual cases of Facebook Live videos trending almost into the stratosphere, few brands have made a success of it.

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Financial Professionals Win More Business

9 December 2016, Matt Alder

LinkedIn for financial services professionals
The average client-facing professional in the financial services industry achieves a score of 20 on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI.) The maximum score is 100. The question is why is the financial services industry showing such lack of competence in social selling, particularly with LinkedIn?

A How-To Guide To Using Twitter Ads

4 March 2016, Will Francis

How to use Twitter ads
Twitter’s advertising platform has been available to all users for almost three years, but still the ever-evolving platform confuses many marketers with its complicated interface and multiple ad types. This guide to each aspect of the product is drawn from our first-hand experience of running client campaigns with a range of core objectives.

42 Brilliant Chrome Extensions For Digital Teams

15 February 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Chrome Web Store
We have curated a list just for you! A list of the most useful Chrome Extensions for marketers, or anyone interested in tools to make your working day easier. These top 42 Chrome extensions will help you to be more productive at work with your marketing activities. Some are also great little gizmos, handy for everyday life online. Enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

4 Essential Practices In Online Crisis Management

21 October 2015, Tracey Stern

kitchenaid tweet
Dealing with a brand crisis can be immensely challenging and stressful. Tracey Stern discusses the key principles in online crisis management.

13 Social Media Advertising Tips & Techniques

24 July 2015, Annmarie Hanlon

Hide ads on Facebook
With social media advertising fast grabbing the budgets of traditional advertising, Annmarie Hanlon answers your most popular questions.

Digital PR – Opportunities & Challenges For Agencies

1 April 2015, Lisa Elliott

Digital PR is one of the biggest growth areas for PR agencies in 2015, but it also represents some significant challenges. Lisa Elliott, director of PR agency, Lansons, discusses where the opportunities and challenges lie.

Social Media Is Killing More Than Just Speech

25 November 2014, Jonathan Saipe

negative effects of social media and communicationWith Social Media increasingly dominating our personal and working lives, what effect is it having on our concentration, education and relationships?