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State Of Analytics 2017 Survey

17 May 2017, Jonathan Saipe

How often do you interogate your analytics data?
Emarketeers’ latest State of Analytics 2017 Survey shows that UK organisations are suffering from the analytics skills gap. See full results. See full survey results.

How Business Leaders Are Falling Through The Digital Skills Gap

11 January 2017, Tracey Stern

Leadership skills gap
A generation of marketers aren’t fit to lead their brands because they don’t have the necessary digital knowledge. Tracey Stern discusses how a ubiquitous lack of digital knowledge and expertise among business leaders, has become a significant problem across multiple sectors.

Why Advertisers & Agencies Aren’t Seeing Eye To Eye

4 January 2017, Tina Fegent

New paradigm ahead sign

There has always been some friction between advertisers and their agencies, but it has rarely had a higher profile than in the past few months. Tina Fegent explores the relationship between advertisers and agencies and why it can be been fraught at times.

6 Key Steps To Aid Digital Transformation

8 November 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Digital transformation
Digital transformation may be a buzzword, but on this occasion, this buzzword is real and deadly serious. But what are the steps to becoming digitally transformed?

9 Inspiring ‘Internet of Things’ Innovations

9 July 2015, Mark Brill

Disney magic band
We are entering a new era of technology that moves us beyond the information age of the Internet, to a world where everything is connected. Many commentators predict that the Internet of Things will transform sectors such health, transport, agriculture, business processes and the domestic environment. Take a look at 9 IoT innovations that will inspire and entertain!

Why Technology Can Be A Barrier To Creativity

26 June 2015, Tracey Stern

BA outdoor digital ad
Tracey Stern discusses the relationship between technology and creativity, and how consumer strategy fits into the mix.

The Geeks Really Shall Inherit The Earth

24 June 2015, Jonathan Saipe

Taylor Swift - Time MagazineHow should we define the word geek? And with this in mind, how is technology impacting our lives? Jonathan Saipe discusses the evolution of the geek and whether or not they really do have the power to inherit the earth.

2014 Internet Trends – Latest Statistics & Insights

29 May 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Internet Trends Report 2014

Take a look at the latest and very much anticipated 2014 Internet Trends Report from Mary Meeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins.

It’s a must-read report, full of critical data and insights, that gives anyone in the tech or digital marketing industry a heads up.

State of Digital Skills in the UK [Infographic]

14 March 2014, Jonathan Saipe

We are proud to announce the results of our iSkills survey which looked at the skills and capabilities of the digital marketing industry in the UK. This infographic neatly sums up our findings.

iSkills Survey 2014 – Download It Now

12 March 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Digital iSkills Survey 2014The first Emarketeers Digital iSkills Survey is published today, and was created in order to look at the skills and capabilities of the UK digital marketing industry. You can view or download a full copy of the report on the Emarketeers blog.