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13 Top Innovations From CES 2016

13 January 2016, Lillie Miller


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 unveiled some innovative, entertaining and unique digital products last week. We have curated a list of what we believe to be the highlights of the show. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

The Top 25 Must-Have IoT Products

30 November 2015, Lillie Miller

The Top 25 Must-Have  IoT Products
Internet of Things (IoT) is all about turning everyday objects into Internet-based, data collection gadgets. The variety of IoT gadgets ranges from nappies and kid trackers to water bottles and fire alarms. To help you navigate this ever growing revolution, we’ve compiled our ultimate list of Internet of Things gadgets and gizmos.

The 5 Best Christmas Campaigns Of 2015

25 November 2015, Tracey Stern

Mog the cat
With UK retailers’ Christmas campaigns vying for public attention, Tracey Stern shares her views on who’s in and who’s out.

How To Turn Your Brand Into A Knowledge Centre

13 November 2015, Jonathan Saipe

Knowledge centre
Digital Marketing specialist, Simon Swan gives his insight on how brands can leverage the power of knowledge centres.

Christmas Ads – UK Retailers Battle It Out

24 November 2014, Tracey Stern

Monty The Penguin

I am pretty sure that had the Ten Commandments been updated for our modern era, they would have included a mandate for all clients who advertise, to make the best and most emotionally driven Christmas TV ad possible. Read Tracey Stern’s critique of this year’s Christmas Ads from the UK’s top retailers.

The Marketer’s Guide To Google Trends

12 August 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Google Trends is an incredibly useful tool, yet often side-lined by marketers. It publishes aggregated search data that helps planners, researchers and of course marketers understand their audiences’ search behaviour as well vertical, regional and seasonal trends.

Nike’s “Winner Stays” Video – Content Or Advertising?

30 April 2014, Tracey Stern

Nike Winner Stays ad

Is Nike’s superb “Winner Stays” World Cup video, content or advertising? Tracey Stern, partner of Emarketeers discusses.

When Brand Sponsorship Goes Wrong

4 April 2013, Tracey Stern

brand ambassadorWith an ever growing list of scandals from brand ambassadors including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and most recently Oscar Pistorius, does brand sponsorship need to be re-evaluated?

Tune In Any Time! The Future of Branded Online TV Channels

5 February 2012, Steff Aquarone

The past few years have seen massive changes in the way we consume video – not least that Internet users now upload more than an hour of new video to YouTube every second and watch 4 billion videos per day.

Although many are lagging behind, some brands have realised that their viewers aren’t trapped into watching content any more, so in order to work, their content has to be seriously useful, interesting or entertaining.

Google+ or Google Plus? Google Has A Branding Issue

16 December 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Since the launch of Google+ this year, I still can’t help but wonder whether the so-called Facebook killer is flawed at grass roots level simply because of its name. How do people really refer to it? Is it Google+? Or Google Plus?