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Google Consent Mode & GA4: Your Questions Answered

3 January 2024, Jonathan Saipe

Google Consent Mode
Data privacy remains one of the hot topics of discussion among digital marketing and ad tech teams. Platforms and software vendors are continually striving to find the balance between users’ privacy choices and what is acceptable in terms of data collection.

To assist with the delicate balance with privacy vs data collection, Google provides a mechanism known as Consent Mode.

But what is it? How do I implement and test it? And how does it impact on my data collection and reporting in GA4? We’ve answered these questions and more.
What is Google Consent Mode?

9 Ways To Build Custom GA4 Events Without GTM

25 August 2023, Jonathan Saipe

Learn how to set up custom GA4 events without GTM
If you’re reading this article, you are probably wondering what your options are when setting up custom events in GA4, either because you aren’t using Google Tag Manager (GTM), or because you don’t have access to it. Learn more about setting up custom GA4 events with using GTM.

A Large Portion Of Your Google Analytics Traffic Might Be Fake

9 October 2017, Remco Van Der Beek

Whilst auditing the Google Analytics account of one of our clients recently, I came across a curious thing. The GA browser report showed that more than 60% of sessions occurred via the browser Mozilla Compatible Agent. This had the effect of massively skewing the data, which, if unnoticed, could have had major consequences on reporting and measurement.
Browser report

State Of Analytics 2017 Survey

17 May 2017, Jonathan Saipe

How often do you interogate your analytics data?
Emarketeers’ latest State of Analytics 2017 Survey shows that UK organisations are suffering from the analytics skills gap. See full results. See full survey results.

5 Content Measures And How To Make Them Work Harder

28 October 2015, Anne Caborn

content dashboard

Increasingly my workshops with content strategists and clients focus not only on what we measure, but why… and how?  While Google Analytics and commercially available social listening tools may provide the backbone, it’s worth spending time developing more bespoke hard and soft measures and making them work harder.

Time To Renew Your Google Analytics Implementation?

27 October 2014, Remco Van Der Beek

Google Analytics dashboards

With increasing demand for marketing accountability, marketers need to be on top of their game when it comes to Google Analytics. Emarketeers web analyst, Remco Van Der Beek, discusses whether it’s time to review your Google Analytics implementation.

Tracking User Errors With Google Analytics Event Tracking

1 May 2014, Hugh Gage

Google Analytics new logoLearn how to use Google Analytics Event Tracking to monitor errors on your website and subsequently improve online conversions and overall user experience.

How To Set Up and Maximise Google Analytics Content Groups

28 January 2014, Hugh Gage

Content Groups are a new feature in Google Analytics that allow the analyst to group areas of content together so that they may be more easily identified and analysed. This article will run through implementation steps as well as ways to maximise your insight.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Now Report on Social Engagement

30 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Google +1 buttonGoogle has had a busy few days getting social! We’ve seen the launch of Google+ in addition to seeing +1 buttons appear in search results. Today also sees the addition of social monitoring tools in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics: a welcome and timely addition.

Google Offers Increased Visitor Privacy Options

26 May 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Google Analytics is a product that digital marketers and web analysts know and use ubiquitously. Of course, what most Internet users do not realise, is that their every step is normally being recorded by either Google Analytics or another web analytics tool. Today, Google announced some measures to ensure that online visitor privacy is maintained.