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Do Our Jobs Define Us, Or Do We Define Our Jobs?

15 October 2021, Jonathan Saipe

When you strike up a conversation with a stranger, how long does it take you to ask them what their line of work is? Does their job define them, and does the same apply to you? Jonathan Saipe discusses the concept of career identity.

career identity

iSkills Survey 2014 – Download It Now

12 March 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Digital iSkills Survey 2014The first Emarketeers Digital iSkills Survey is published today, and was created in order to look at the skills and capabilities of the UK digital marketing industry. You can view or download a full copy of the report on the Emarketeers blog.

3 Ways To Bridge The Digital Skills Gap

20 November 2013, Gwyneth March

Digital skillsGiven the constant evolution of technology and the general IT landscape, it’s easy to be worried by the digital skills gap. Gwyneth March discusses 3 ways to successfully bridge the digital skills gap.

4 Ways To Upskill In Digital

16 October 2013, Tracey Stern

GeniusIn this economic and competitive climate, digital skills are an absolute necessity. Check out 4 ways to keep your digital skills razor sharp.

Get Smart, Get Digital!

14 September 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Jonathan Saipe - founder of EmarketeersAuthor Jonathan Saipe and founder of Emarketeers talks about the importance of getting savvy in digital marketing.

Learning and Skills Council (LSC) Assists SME’s With Training Funding

15 February 2009, Jonathan Saipe

In today’s financial climate, as a small to medium sized business, would you say no if I were to give you £1000 to contribute to a £1500 training course? Highly unlikely. Read our E-Insight report on how the Learning and Skills Council are funding training in order to help businesses grow.

20 Essential Training Tips for The Perfect Trainer

17 November 2008, Jonathan Saipe

When running regular training courses, the brave soul – otherwise known as the trainer – standing in front of expectant delegates, is meant to be a bit like Mary Poppins: “practically perfect in every way”. Read Emarketeers’ 20 essential tips on becoming the pefect trainer.

Engaging the Non Techie Trainee

20 December 2007, Jonathan Saipe

When enrolling on a one day training couse that includes technical subject matter e.g. search engine optimisation, how can you ensure that delegates – particularly non-technical ones – digest the multifarious elements sufficiently, and equally importantly, apply it to their own projects or campaigns?