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Email Marketing Data – Can You Trust It?

13 October 2015, Tim Watson

Statistical signficance
Tim Watson explains why you can’t always draw immediate conclusions from the data you receive in email marketing A/B tests.

10 Strategies To Boost Your Email Campaign Performance

31 January 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Email performance boosters (webinar)Email has consistently been recognised by digital marketers as one of the leading channels for delivering brand building and direct response campaigns.

During this lunchtime webinar, Tim Watson shares his experience of running successful email marketing campaigns, highlighting 10 essential strategies known to boost email campaign performance.

7 Email Marketing Myths Debunked

13 November 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Email marketing mythsThe email channel has for some time been prone to misinformation about user behaviour. To dispel some of the more common myths, email marketing agency Alchemy Worx have compiled their findings in an infographic.

5 Ways To Re-Engage Customers Using Email Marketing

28 May 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Chain Reaction Cycles logoToday I received an email from Chain Reaction – a cycling etailer from whom I have purchased in the past – that instantly grabbed my attention. I haven’t shopped with them for a while, and as a subscriber, I was instantly impressed with their strategy and campaign.

They used 5 re-engagement techniques that I thought I’d share with you as a great case study of subscriber re-engagement.

7 Ways To Improve Your Email Deliverability

2 January 2013, Tim Watson

balloon blowupWhen companies approach me with deliverability issues I often find they are looking in the wrong place for the cause of inbox placement issues. Typically the conversation begins with my client’s perceived need to get an audit of their sending infrastructure, email HTML and content.

5 Reasons To Love Campaign Monitor

21 September 2011, Jonathan Saipe

I love Campaign MonitorIt’s rare that I feel compelled to write a blog about a service or piece of software. However, in the case of Campaign Monitor they are worthy of significant praise for producing a cloud application that makes the lives of marketers significantly easier when it comes to delivering successful email marketing campaigns.

Get Your Touch Strategy Right: Know What To Say, And When To Say It

10 February 2011, Tracey Stern

With the exponential growth of engagement channels, companies tread a fine line between saying too much and saying too little to their customers. This blog touches on some of the do’s and don’ts of Touch Strategies, including some case studies of those who have got it right, and those who haven’t quite got there yet.

Airmiles: A Case Study In Poor Email Marketing

1 November 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Airmiles logoA few days ago, I received an HTML email from Airmiles with the subject line: “A little thank you from Airmiles and Lloyds TSB”. Given that I am an Airmiles account holder through my Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo Credit Credit, I opened the email expecting to receive a freebie or an member-only offer of some kind.

I was however surprised to receive an email offering me the chance to receive two free flights if I apply for a Lloyds TSB credit card before the end of the 2010.

Drift Marketing – Recapture Abandoned Shopping Carts

1 September 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Some research suggests that shopping cart abandonment rates can be as high as 50-60%. And it’s for this reason that marketers and ecommerce analysts are constantly looking at ways of reducing form or cart abandonment. Welcome to the concept of Drift Marketing.

16 Ways to Build an Opt in Email Database

10 December 2008, Jonathan Saipe

How to Build an Opt-in Email DatabaseBuilding an opt-in email database is essential if you are serious about email marketing and need to collect quality and targeted subscriber data. Most digital marketers fail to appreciate the breadth of options available to collect opt-in subscriber data. We hope you get some useful tips from the following techniques.