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10 Best Practices For Bloggers

13 September 2012, Jonathan Saipe

10 best practices for bloggersMaintaining a blog can be challenging at the best of times. It’s a time and resource intensive activity that  stretches the most creative writers. Take a look at 10 best practices for bloggers. Take a look at our best practice guides for bloggers including tips on SEO, social media, writing and moderating.

The Twitter Effect on Global Media and Security

2 May 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Today’s killing of Osama Bin Ladan has for obvious reasons utterly dominated the press both online and offline. Filtering through the articles about the US operational details and political debate, I came across a Sky News article about a tweeter based in Abbottabad, Pakistan who unknowingly reported on the Bin Laden raid prior to it being completed. This story raises questions about the Twitter effect on global media and security.

Unleash The Power of Google Alerts

3 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Unleash the power of Google AlertsGoogle Alerts is often recommended by SEO agencies and online PR professionals who spend their lives tracking online activity. However the power of Google Alerts is often underestimated and hence under-used.  I have put together 7 ways to unleash the true power of Google Alerts with particular reference to SEO activity.

10 ways to drive traffic to your blog

7 October 2008, Jonathan Saipe

Ever wondered how to generate targeted traffic to your blog? If your blog isn’t achieving the volume of traffic you were expecting, take a look at our top 10 tips for acheiving blogging success.