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7 Pro Tips To Boost Your Google Ads ROI

30 April 2019, Jonathan Saipe

Google Ads optimisation - pro tips
With so many moving parts in an average Google Ads campaign, it’s not surprising that many campaigns are either running at a loss, or suffer significantly reduced their ROI, due to poor optimisation. Take a look at our pro optimisation tips which will almost certainly have a positive impact on your Google Ads ROI.

5 Simple AdWords Time-Saving Tips

24 November 2015, Jonathan Saipe

AdWords shared library
It is generally accepted that time and resource, or a combination of the two, are some of the biggest barriers to improving AdWords campaign performance. Learn 5 tips and techniques to help you save time and increase efficiency when managing AdWords activity.

The Marketer’s Guide To Google Trends

12 August 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Google Trends is an incredibly useful tool, yet often side-lined by marketers. It publishes aggregated search data that helps planners, researchers and of course marketers understand their audiences’ search behaviour as well vertical, regional and seasonal trends.

20 Google AdWords Policies Marketers Must Know

13 January 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Google AdWords policies and guidelinesGoogle lays down some strict policy rules when it comes to advertising, most of which are perfectly reasonable and obvious. Here’s a quick summary to help you when planning or implementing AdWords campaigns.

The Keyword Planner: 5 New Features To Consider

19 July 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Keyword Planner monthly segmentsAs many of you know, the Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by the Keyword Planner. To ease the transition between the original Keyword Tool and the Keyword Planner, we’ve listed 5 changes Google has made.

1O Common (And Sometimes Costly) AdWords Mistakes

5 March 2013, Jonathan Saipe

OopsHaving run dozens of PPC and AdWords courses, I thought I’d share some of the most common recurring issues I encounter with client campaigns. Such issues have the potential to reduce performance and inhibit ROI. I’ve short-listed the 10 most common AdWords mistakes in order of how frequently they occur.

Time To Rethink Your AdWords Sitelinks Strategy

2 October 2012, Jonathan Saipe

With Google’s latest enforcement of sitelink usage in AdWords, advertisers are having to rethink their sitelink and web content strategies.

“Auction Insights” Reveal Your Google AdWords Competitors

28 May 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Last week, Google announced a new feature in AdWords called Auction Insights, enabling advertisers to view additional information when competitor ads appear at the same time as your own ads.

Will Google’s Social Extensions Have The Right Impact?

22 November 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Google +1 buttonLast week Google announced that it was giving AdWords customers the ability to connect their Googe+ Pages and AdWords accounts using “Social Extensions”.

By installing social extensions, all your +1’s from your Google+ Page, your AdWords ads, your website and search results will get added together and thus appear as a single total. It means that consumers will be able to view all of social recommendations outside of Google+.

Google AdWords Reports on ‘Top versus Side Ads’ Performance

15 July 2011, Jonathan Saipe

This week, Google announced that they had added additional reporting to AdWords allowing users to segment data by top ads versus side ads. This is a great add-on as it allows us to gain further insight into user behaviour in SERPS and contributes to refining our listing position strategy in order to improve campaign ROI.