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5 Awesome Ways To Use Chrome Developer Tools

12 May 2015, Jonathan Saipe

SEO markup
Chrome Developer Tools are not just for web developers. They offer huge benefits to marketers, content managers, bloggers, designers and SEOs. Here are 5 examples to keep you busy.

Responsive Design – A Clear Definition

21 October 2012, Tim Fidgeon

Responsive design definedResponsive design needs to be clearly defined. For most projects, mobile phones will justify their own version of content (that has more than only layout differences from the desktop-version).

Web Coding Isn’t Just For Programmers

23 April 2012, Jonathan Saipe

HTML codeWhen I passed my driving test and had just started to drive independently (yes that was a long time ago in 1987!), I was always curious to know what was going on under the bonnet.

Why Agile Is Right For Web 2.0 Projects

24 November 2011, Jonathan Saipe

In the late 90’s and early noughties, we were firmly in the grip of Web 1.0. Websites were often one-dimensional brochures that put less demands on web project managers. Roll-on to 2011 and web projects are more complex and user-orientated requiring a more Agile approach to web project management.

The 40 Best Error 404 Pages

1 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Error 404 pages – otherwise known as page missing or page not found – are an inevitable part of web design and search engine optimisation.

We’ve looked at lots of error 404’s and here’s our list of the best 40 we could find, scored in no particular order on the basis either good design, good copy, humour, originality, customer engagement or a combination of all of these.

An SEO Friendly CMS: 10 Factors To Consider

26 April 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Choosing a good content management system (CMS) that will provide a long term robust platform on which to update your online content is no easy decision. Not only is it a minefield from a technical and functional perspective, but it also needs to meet the needs of your company’s current and future marketing strategy. And if you’re serious about search engine optimisation (SEO), then your CMS needs to be SEO friendly. Read more about the key factors to consider when choosing an SEO friendly CMS.

SEO Copywriting: The Write Way To Build A Website

9 April 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Who should be involved from the start when building or refreshing a website? A web designer? A programmer? An information architect? Mark Owen, multi-talented copywriter at i do words, talks about the “write” way to approach web builds.

Content is NOT King, Customer Experience Is

5 January 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Web content management now needs to focus on delivering a compelling and contextually relevant customer experience in favour of publishing standard content. Businesses now need to produce website content that engages, persuades and helps visitors achieve their goals if they want to see higher conversions and increased customer satisfaction.

How User Behaviour Type Influences SEO Keyphrase Selection and Website Design

19 October 2008, Jonathan Saipe

When it comes to keyphrase research for search engine optimisation, defining user behaviour types enables SEO experts to select short or long tail keyphrases appropriate to the needs to the needs of potential visitors. It also enables information architects and website designers to create content for each user type.

The User Experience process as part of User Centred Design

30 June 2008, Jonathan Saipe

With over ten years of commercial web design and development experience, Stephen Hellens, user experience architect at LBi, has kindly published his words of wisdom on the user experience process as part of the user centred design process.