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How do you market to Gen Z and Gen Alpha?

21 July 2020, Allister Frost

Much has been written about the differences between Millennials, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha, so I’ve hesitated before adding to the noise. Especially as I’m not really a believer in pigeon-holing vast swathes of the population into one broad category. Adapting a brand’s marketing approach for someone born between 1995 and 2012 (a Gen Z’er) seems about as sensible to me as tailoring a message for someone with the Sagittarius star sign (born between 23 Nov and 21 December, in case you’re wondering).

Teenagers looking at phone

11 GDPR Questions & Answers Marketers Need To Know

8 January 2018, Ben Blackler

GDPR - general data protection regulations

What do marketers need to know about GDPR? We asked Sherree Westell, a solicitor at Woodroffes, who leads Emarketeers’ GDPR training course, and who has been working in the field of data protection for over 20 years.

Do You Have The Skills To Deliver Digital Transformation?

2 May 2017, Tracey Stern

The Long-Awaited Internet Trends Report 2016

6 June 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Internet Trends report 2016 from Mary Meeker of KPCB

The long-awaited, and now almost legendary Internet Trends report from Mary Meeker of KPCB, is finally out. Irrelevant of your sector, it makes essential reading.

42 Brilliant Chrome Extensions For Digital Teams

15 February 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Chrome Web Store
We have curated a list just for you! A list of the most useful Chrome Extensions for marketers, or anyone interested in tools to make your working day easier. These top 42 Chrome extensions will help you to be more productive at work with your marketing activities. Some are also great little gizmos, handy for everyday life online. Enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

7 Personas To Help Your Digital Transformation

29 January 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Digital Persona
We would like you to meet 7 digital personas, created by our good friends at Digital Talent @ Work. These personas highlight the ambitions, needs and frustrations of archetypes within organisations working towards successful digital transformation.

5 Simple AdWords Time-Saving Tips

24 November 2015, Jonathan Saipe

AdWords shared library
It is generally accepted that time and resource, or a combination of the two, are some of the biggest barriers to improving AdWords campaign performance. Learn 5 tips and techniques to help you save time and increase efficiency when managing AdWords activity.

4 Essential Practices In Online Crisis Management

21 October 2015, Tracey Stern

kitchenaid tweet
Dealing with a brand crisis can be immensely challenging and stressful. Tracey Stern discusses the key principles in online crisis management.

Why Technology Can Be A Barrier To Creativity

26 June 2015, Tracey Stern

BA outdoor digital ad
Tracey Stern discusses the relationship between technology and creativity, and how consumer strategy fits into the mix.

18 Key Findings From Internet Trends Report 2015

29 May 2015, Jonathan Saipe

The long anticipated Internet Trends 2015 report from Mary Meeker is finally here. Its content is fascinating and compelling, but at 197 slides, there’s a fair amount of content to get through. We’ve therefore chosen some of the salient points from the presentation.