Lillie Miller

13 Top Innovations From CES 2016

13 January 2016, Lillie Miller

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 unveiled some innovative, entertaining and unique digital products last week. We have curated a list of what we think to be the highlights of the show. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

1. Impression Pi

Headsets that enable you to view the world in virtual augmented reality.

Pre-order at: ImpressionPi »

2. Prizm

Connect Prizm to any speakers and it will select and play music based on who is in the room, their music preference and their mood. It might even know your music choice a little better than you do!

See further details at: Prizm »

3. XYZprinting

Bringing 3D printing to your home. Perfect for those little things you need, but aren’t sure where to buy them.

Buy it at: XYZprinting »

4. Family Hub Refrigerator

The multi-purpose fridge. View the interior of your fridge through a camera; create and order your shopping lists; display recipes and calendars; and it can even stream music and TV! Oh, and it stores your groceries.

See further details at: Samsung »

5. New Balance 3D-printed shoes

3D-printed soles for trainers, designed based on studying the higher pressure points of the foot during exercise.

See further details at: New Balance »

6. Yuneec Typhoon H drone by Intel

A variety of drones were unveiled at CES 2016. We think the drone by Intel was a highlight, due to its ability to recognise its environment. It’s a self-navigating drone, able to move around its environment smoothly and independently, understanding its surroundings.

See further details at: Tech Insider »

7. Volkswagen BUDD-e

The touch, voice and gesture recognition based car. Destined to dominate the roads in just a few short years?

See further details at: »

8. Polaroid Zip Instant

Polaroid is making a comeback. Take pictures and selfies on your phone and devices, and print them instantly. So simple, but so effective.

See further details at: Polaroid »

9. PlayStation VR

Something for the game fans: a virtual reality PlayStation by Sony. The 2016 way to play PlayStation.

See further details at: »

10. MiniMed Connect

An invaluable app innovated by Medtronic, to help the management and control of diabetes in patients.

See further details at: Medtronic »

11. FlapIt Counter

A creative way to show off your social media followers to your customers. Display it in your shop window, reception or office.

See further details at: FlapIt »

12. Keecker

A portable robotic TV. Take it to any room in your house, project the robot onto an empty wall, and watch your favourite shows anywhere, anytime.

See further details at: »

13. Huawei Watch

A fashionable, trendy, smart watch with the ability to change its face, track your steps and connect it to your smartphone.

See further details at: Huawei »