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State Of Analytics 2017 Survey

17 May 2017, Jonathan Saipe

How often do you interogate your analytics data?
Emarketeers’ latest State of Analytics 2017 Survey shows that UK organisations are suffering from the analytics skills gap. See full results. See full survey results.

Do You Have The Skills To Deliver Digital Transformation?

2 May 2017, Tracey Stern

Should Brands Be Using Facebook Live?

28 March 2017, Ben Blackler

Facebook live

Marketers have very bipolar views on Facebook Live with vociferous arguments for and against. Whilst there are individual cases of Facebook Live videos trending almost into the stratosphere, few brands have made a success of it.

3 Steps To Successful Conversion Optimisation

14 March 2017, James Eckhardt

3 Steps To Successful Conversion Optimisation
Jamed Eckhardt, CRO consultant at Emarketeers, discusses how to apply best practice conversion optimisation principles, to maximise online performance.

3 Integrated Approaches To SEO & Content

8 March 2017, Jonathan Saipe

It’s not often that we create infographics at Emarketeers. However, there’s good reason this time. We feel passionately about SEO and its pivotal and integrated relationship with content strategy and content marketing. They are more than just bed-fellows. They are both utterly reliant on each other. We hope this infographic clarifies the various approaches to integrating content and SEO.

How Business Leaders Are Falling Through The Digital Skills Gap

11 January 2017, Tracey Stern

Leadership skills gap
A generation of marketers aren’t fit to lead their brands because they don’t have the necessary digital knowledge. Tracey Stern discusses how a ubiquitous lack of digital knowledge and expertise among business leaders, has become a significant problem across multiple sectors.

Why Advertisers & Agencies Aren’t Seeing Eye To Eye

4 January 2017, Tina Fegent

New paradigm ahead sign

There has always been some friction between advertisers and their agencies, but it has rarely had a higher profile than in the past few months. Tina Fegent explores the relationship between advertisers and agencies and why it can be been fraught at times.

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Financial Professionals Win More Business

9 December 2016, Matt Alder

LinkedIn for financial services professionals
The average client-facing professional in the financial services industry achieves a score of 20 on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI.) The maximum score is 100. The question is why is the financial services industry showing such lack of competence in social selling, particularly with LinkedIn?

How To Get Your Mobile Content Strategy Into Tip Top Shape

5 December 2016, Anne Caborn

Mobile Content Strategy
We all know that mobile content delivery now rules the digital roost, but adapting your content process to the new landscape isn’t just a question of size and shape, but how your idea generation, content creation, sign-off and even csuite buy-in adapt in harmony.

6 Key Steps To Aid Digital Transformation

8 November 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Digital transformation
Digital transformation may be a buzzword, but on this occasion, this buzzword is real and deadly serious. But what are the steps to becoming digitally transformed?