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E-Insight Digital Marketing Blog

How To Get Your Mobile Content Strategy Into Tip Top Shape

5 December 2016, Anne Caborn

Mobile Content Strategy
We all know that mobile content delivery now rules the digital roost, but adapting your content process to the new landscape isn’t just a question of size and shape, but how your idea generation, content creation, sign-off and even csuite buy-in adapt in harmony.

6 Key Steps To Aid Digital Transformation

8 November 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Digital transformation
Digital transformation may be a buzzword, but on this occasion, this buzzword is real and deadly serious. But what are the steps to becoming digitally transformed?

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Explained

18 August 2016, Jonathan Saipe

AMP in Google SERPs
Back in October 2015, Google’s announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), its open source initiative. Since then, it has quickly gained traction among many major publishers and technology partners.

Find out more about AMP, why Google created it, what it looks like to consumers and how to implement, test and measure it.

5 Killer BuzzSumo Features For Content Marketers

20 July 2016, Jonathan Saipe

I’ve been using BuzzSumo for quite a while and am continually impressed with its features. It seriously packs a punch if you want to carry out content or influencer research, or set up real-time monitoring. So, it’s no surprise that BuzzSumo is all the rage among content marketers.

I’ve put BuzzSumo through the motions with some recently trending topics. Check out 5 features that should whet the appetite.

The Long-Awaited Internet Trends Report 2016

6 June 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Internet Trends report 2016 from Mary Meeker of KPCB

The long-awaited, and now almost legendary Internet Trends report from Mary Meeker of KPCB, is finally out. Irrelevant of your sector, it makes essential reading.

5 Tips To Turn Your Content Strategy Into Actions

13 April 2016, Anne Caborn

Anne Caborn, Emarketeers’ content strategy consultant, offers 5 proven ways to convert your content strategy in actions.

Programmatic Advertising – 5 Key Questions Answered

16 March 2016, Dave Katz

Programmatic Advertising

Confused by Programmatic Advertising? Real-time bidding? 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data? We don’t blame you. Dave Katz, ad industry expert explains the essentials.

A How-To Guide To Using Twitter Ads

4 March 2016, Will Francis

How to use Twitter ads
Twitter’s advertising platform has been available to all users for almost three years, but still the ever-evolving platform confuses many marketers with its complicated interface and multiple ad types. This guide to each aspect of the product is drawn from our first-hand experience of running client campaigns with a range of core objectives.

42 Brilliant Chrome Extensions For Digital Teams

15 February 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Chrome Web Store
We have curated a list just for you! A list of the most useful Chrome Extensions for marketers, or anyone interested in tools to make your working day easier. These top 42 Chrome extensions will help you to be more productive at work with your marketing activities. Some are also great little gizmos, handy for everyday life online. Enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

7 Personas To Help Your Digital Transformation

29 January 2016, Jonathan Saipe

Digital Persona
We would like you to meet 7 digital personas, created by our good friends at Digital Talent @ Work. These personas highlight the ambitions, needs and frustrations of archetypes within organisations working towards successful digital transformation.