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Size Doesn’t Count In Social Media

25 July 2012, Alex Marks

There was a highly prophetic article in the BBC news this week. The headline was along the lines of “Businesses uncover that Facebook ‘likes’ may not be as valuable as you think”. This was alongside other BBC articles around the subject that the Pope may yet be a Catholic and bears do indeed use the woods as a WC. Ah the Emperor’s new clothes!

5 Changes To Google’s Algorithm In May

15 June 2012, Jonathan Saipe

As usual, Google has been busy refining and modifying its algorithm, making improvements to the whole search experience and keeping SEO’ers on their toes!

4 Ways Social Media is Already Influencing Search Results

8 June 2012, Kelvin Newman

It’s the worst kept secret in digital marketing that the search engines are planning to migrate towards using social signals was a way to determine who ranks where on search results pages.

Digital Up Skilling: Like Death and Taxes

7 June 2012, Gwyneth March

My agency decided we would nail digital training for good in 2007.  Like many a WW1 General, I believed that one heave and we’d be over the top and away…

“Auction Insights” Reveal Your Google AdWords Competitors

28 May 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Last week, Google announced a new feature in AdWords called Auction Insights, enabling advertisers to view additional information when competitor ads appear at the same time as your own ads.

32 Useful Social Media Resources

28 May 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Social Media ResoucesWith the web awash with social media blogs and opinions, it’s sometimes hard to filter out the noise. In order to bring together the latest social media opinions and news, we’ve put together a list of 32 useful social media resources ranging from books and websites to influential people to follow on Twitter.

Why Technology Matters

1 May 2012, Tracey Stern

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to a dinner where the guest speaker was Ed Vaizey. Ed delivered some really interesting insights into the role of culture and creativity in the UK today. He also spoke most passionately about the critical importance of technology and digital access for 2012 and beyond.

Learning To Speak To The Digital Natives

30 April 2012, Dave Birss

digital languagesWhat better place to write about the importance of understanding languages than from a cafe in a departure lounge of a foreign airport? I’m currently sitting in Sao Paolo waiting for a connecting flight to London. I don’t speak a word of Portuguese. And I was foolish enough not to bring a phrasebook.

Web Coding Isn’t Just For Programmers

23 April 2012, Jonathan Saipe

HTML codeWhen I passed my driving test and had just started to drive independently (yes that was a long time ago in 1987!), I was always curious to know what was going on under the bonnet.

LinkedIn And The Importance of Sharing

14 March 2012, Matt Alder

LinkedIn sharingMatt Alder explains the importance of sharing information on LinkedIn and across social networks in general, in order to increase brand reach and engagement.