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Responsive Design – A Clear Definition

21 October 2012, Tim Fidgeon

Responsive design definedResponsive design needs to be clearly defined. For most projects, mobile phones will justify their own version of content (that has more than only layout differences from the desktop-version).

5 Ways To Manage Your Team’s Online Time

10 October 2012, Gwyneth March

Adopt these five digital habits and teach them to your team to get the most effective use of their time!

Introducing The Google Tag Manager

10 October 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Google has just announced the launch of the Google Tag Manager, a very handy tool for managing multiple ad tracking tags on your website.

Time To Rethink Your AdWords Sitelinks Strategy

2 October 2012, Jonathan Saipe

With Google’s latest enforcement of sitelink usage in AdWords, advertisers are having to rethink their sitelink and web content strategies.

14 Must Read Books On Neuromarketing

27 September 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Psychology of the social webEmarketeers hosted a breakfast briefing yesterday as part of Social Media Week London, discussing the psychology of the social web. Several attendees asked if there are any books we’d recommend on the subject, so here’s a reading list from Amazon.co.uk to get you started!

10 Best Practices For Bloggers

13 September 2012, Jonathan Saipe

10 best practices for bloggersMaintaining a blog can be challenging at the best of times. It’s a time and resource intensive activity that  stretches the most creative writers. Take a look at 10 best practices for bloggers. Take a look at our best practice guides for bloggers including tips on SEO, social media, writing and moderating.

Does Social Media Make Us Happier?

12 September 2012, Gwyneth March

Does Social Media make us happy or does it promote feelings of isolation? Gwyneth March looks at the evidence for and against.

Free Social Media Breakfast Seminar – Wednesday 26 September

16 August 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Social Media Week LogoWe are hosting a free breakfast event as part of Social Media Week London entitled: Using The Psychology Of The Social Web To Make Better Social Media Decisions.

With the plethora of brand choice available, emotional decisions are increasing critical when it comes to purchasing. In this free, one hour Breakfast Seminar, we will share our insights into how different parts of the brain influence the choices we make, both offline and online.

BBC Gets An Olympic Gold For Coverage

13 August 2012, Tracey Stern

BBC - The Olympic BroadcasterToday, London feels like the morning after the night before. Sleepy but with a hangover that made all the Olympics celebrations worthwhile.

Thousands of pages and words have been dedicated to the stadiums, the athletes, the ceremonies and the volunteers – all of whom contributed to one of the best spectacles we have ever seen.

Size Doesn’t Count In Social Media

25 July 2012, Alex Marks

There was a highly prophetic article in the BBC news this week. The headline was along the lines of “Businesses uncover that Facebook ‘likes’ may not be as valuable as you think”. This was alongside other BBC articles around the subject that the Pope may yet be a Catholic and bears do indeed use the woods as a WC. Ah the Emperor’s new clothes!