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Web Coding Isn’t Just For Programmers

23 April 2012, Jonathan Saipe

HTML codeWhen I passed my driving test and had just started to drive independently (yes that was a long time ago in 1987!), I was always curious to know what was going on under the bonnet.

LinkedIn And The Importance of Sharing

14 March 2012, Matt Alder

LinkedIn sharingMatt Alder explains the importance of sharing information on LinkedIn and across social networks in general, in order to increase brand reach and engagement.

3 SEO Tips On Error 404 Pages

12 March 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Error 404Following on from my blog post on the best error 404 pages, I’ve put together 3 answers to common questions about error 404 pages and their impact on SEO.

Facebook Ad Targeting Explained

6 March 2012, Jonathan Saipe

18 Essential SEO Tools And Software

1 March 2012, Jonathan Saipe

There are literally gazillions of SEO tools out there, both free and paid-for. As an attempt to distil these, I’ve put together a list of the most popular essential SEO tools and software to help digital marketers run their SEO campaigns.

Tune In Any Time! The Future of Branded Online TV Channels

5 February 2012, Steff Aquarone

The past few years have seen massive changes in the way we consume video – not least that Internet users now upload more than an hour of new video to YouTube every second and watch 4 billion videos per day.

Although many are lagging behind, some brands have realised that their viewers aren’t trapped into watching content any more, so in order to work, their content has to be seriously useful, interesting or entertaining.

How To Use Twitter Search Effectively

5 January 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Google+ or Google Plus? Google Has A Branding Issue

16 December 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Since the launch of Google+ this year, I still can’t help but wonder whether the so-called Facebook killer is flawed at grass roots level simply because of its name. How do people really refer to it? Is it Google+? Or Google Plus?

Why Agile Is Right For Web 2.0 Projects

24 November 2011, Jonathan Saipe

In the late 90’s and early noughties, we were firmly in the grip of Web 1.0. Websites were often one-dimensional brochures that put less demands on web project managers. Roll-on to 2011 and web projects are more complex and user-orientated requiring a more Agile approach to web project management.

Will Google’s Social Extensions Have The Right Impact?

22 November 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Google +1 buttonLast week Google announced that it was giving AdWords customers the ability to connect their Googe+ Pages and AdWords accounts using “Social Extensions”.

By installing social extensions, all your +1’s from your Google+ Page, your AdWords ads, your website and search results will get added together and thus appear as a single total.┬áIt means that consumers will be able to view all of social recommendations outside of Google+.