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iSkills Survey 2014 – Download It Now

12 March 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Digital iSkills Survey 2014The first Emarketeers Digital iSkills Survey is published today, and was created in order to look at the skills and capabilities of the UK digital marketing industry. You can view or download a full copy of the report on the Emarketeers blog.

M-Commerce: Converting Browsers To Buyers On Mobile

28 February 2014, Jonathan Saipe

mobile commerceDuring this free lunchtime webinar, Steffane Aquarone reveals the very latest thinking around mobile apps and m-commerce, discussing the business case for m-commerce, how to encourage consumers to purchase on mobiles and issues around gathering customer data.

15 IFTTT Recipes To Improve Your Productivity

11 February 2014, Jonathan Saipe

IFTTT logoTake a look at 15 IFTTT recipes to connect your digital channels, automate your activity and improve your productivity.

5 Critical Components Underpinning Your Digital Strategy

7 February 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Building a successful digital strategyAs businesses and organisations put increasing emphasis on the value of digital, the challenge is knowing how to develop a successful digital strategy. Take a look at 5 fundamental components underpinning your digital strategy.

Connectivity Is The New Oil

3 February 2014, Jonathan Saipe

connectivity is the new oilIs our reliance on Internet connectivity setting an increasingly dangerous precedent? Jonathan Saipe, Founder of Emarketeers discusses.

10 Strategies To Boost Your Email Campaign Performance

31 January 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Email performance boosters (webinar)Email has consistently been recognised by digital marketers as one of the leading channels for delivering brand building and direct response campaigns.

During this lunchtime webinar, Tim Watson shares his experience of running successful email marketing campaigns, highlighting 10 essential strategies known to boost email campaign performance.

How To Set Up and Maximise Google Analytics Content Groups

28 January 2014, Hugh Gage

Content Groups are a new feature in Google Analytics that allow the analyst to group areas of content together so that they may be more easily identified and analysed. This article will run through implementation steps as well as ways to maximise your insight.

20 Google AdWords Policies Marketers Must Know

13 January 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Google AdWords policies and guidelinesGoogle lays down some strict policy rules when it comes to advertising, most of which are perfectly reasonable and obvious. Here’s a quick summary to help you when planning or implementing AdWords campaigns.

A Day In The Life Of Social Media: Awe-Inspiring Stats

9 January 2014, Jonathan Saipe

In a single day, 40% of the world’s 7 billion people are actively engaged in social media. This fascinating infographic illustrates the daily activity across each platform’s user base.

Over 80% Of 2013’s Hottest Skills Are Digital

6 January 2014, Jonathan Saipe

At the end of 2013, LinkedIn analysed the skills and employment history of more than 239 million members’ profiles asking the question, who is getting hired and what are they doing? The results revealed that 21 out of 25 of the hottest skills are digital or technically orientated.