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9 Inspiring ‘Internet of Things’ Innovations

9 July 2015, Mark Brill

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We are entering a new era of technology that moves us beyond the information age of the Internet, to a world where everything is connected. Many commentators predict that the Internet of Things will transform sectors such health, transport, agriculture, business processes and the domestic environment. Take a look at 9 IoT innovations that will inspire and entertain!

Why Technology Can Be A Barrier To Creativity

26 June 2015, Tracey Stern

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Tracey Stern discusses the relationship between technology and creativity, and how consumer strategy fits into the mix.

The Geeks Really Shall Inherit The Earth

24 June 2015, Jonathan Saipe

Taylor Swift - Time MagazineHow should we define the word geek? And with this in mind, how is technology impacting our lives? Jonathan Saipe discusses the evolution of the geek and whether or not they really do have the power to inherit the earth.

18 Key Findings From Internet Trends Report 2015

29 May 2015, Jonathan Saipe

The long anticipated Internet Trends 2015 report from Mary Meeker is finally here. Its content is fascinating and compelling, but at 197 slides, there’s a fair amount of content to get through. We’ve therefore chosen some of the salient points from the presentation.

5 Awesome Ways To Use Chrome Developer Tools

12 May 2015, Jonathan Saipe

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Chrome Developer Tools are not just for web developers. They offer huge benefits to marketers, content managers, bloggers, designers and SEOs. Here are 5 examples to keep you busy.

Mobilegeddon: Is It All About The Money?

23 April 2015, Mark Brill

MobilegeddonGoogle has a problem with mobile.

That might sound like a strange statement to make. After all, the search business has been a strong exponent of the ‘mobile first’ approach. They also own the most popular smartphone OS, Android, and they have the most widely used apps on all platforms.

Their problem, though, is one of money….

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Brand’s Tone Of Voice

21 April 2015, Andy Rigden

Brand tone of voice
These days almost every business has its own voice. No one now doubts that language is as important to a brand as its logo or its colour palette. Charities and colleges, as well as companies of all sizes, now invest time thinking about how they write, not just what they say.

An Introduction To Agile User Stories

21 April 2015, Dr Tony Willoughby

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Any software development should be driven by a set of requirements for the system. Over the years, there have been many approaches to gathering and documenting requirements, many of which can be quite daunting. Agile software methods make the process more accessible by focussing on user stories.

Digital PR – Opportunities & Challenges For Agencies

1 April 2015, Lisa Elliott

Digital PR is one of the biggest growth areas for PR agencies in 2015, but it also represents some significant challenges. Lisa Elliott, director of PR agency, Lansons, discusses where the opportunities and challenges lie.

The Top 5 Content Strategy Deliverables

10 March 2015, Anne Caborn

Content Strategy documents
Content strategy is more than just documentation, but often there is a need to deliver certain documents, to better define a content project, its budget implications and scope – and then tick boxes against delivery. Take a look at our top 5 documents you are most likely to come across in a content strategy project.