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E-Insight Digital Marketing Blog

The Top 5 Content Strategy Deliverables

10 March 2015, Anne Caborn

Content Strategy documents
Content strategy is more than just documentation, but often there is a need to deliver certain documents, to better define a content project, its budget implications and scope – and then tick boxes against delivery. Take a look at our top 5 documents you are most likely to come across in a content strategy project.

9 Reasons Why Google’s UX Obsession Should Matter To You

4 February 2015, Jonathan Saipe

Google PageSpeed Insights
Evidence clearly shows that Google favours a positive user experience from websites, and will offer rewards by way of an improved search performance. If you’re involved SEO, UX, design or content strategy/creation, then read on…

9 Excellent Free Market Research Tools

15 January 2015, Jonathan Saipe

Google Consumer Barometer
There are now a plethora of online market research tools, many of which are free, or offer free and paid-for access. Whilst this isn’t an exhaustive list, we’ve suggested 9 great tools that publish market data, insight and intelligence – ideal if you’re a researcher, planner or marketer.

SEO Factors 2014 – Big Focus On Rich Content & User Signals

18 December 2014, Jonathan Saipe

SEO ranking factors 2014

This year was another momentous year in the world of SEO. Yet again, Google has been widening the goal posts, putting even more focus on content creation strategies, earned linking factors and user signals. See Searchmetrics’ 2014 ranking factors infographic for deeper insight into SEO strategies that have made the biggest impact.

Click & Collect – Untapped Convenience In A Bricks & Mortar World

5 December 2014, Anthony Gale

Amazon locker

With “click and collect” achieving top marks in customer satisfaction surveys, will it become the default fulfillment method when shopping online? Anthony Gale, founder of Shop Rocket offers his thoughts.

Social Media Is Killing More Than Just Speech

25 November 2014, Jonathan Saipe

negative effects of social media and communicationWith Social Media increasingly dominating our personal and working lives, what effect is it having on our concentration, education and relationships?

Christmas Ads – UK Retailers Battle It Out

24 November 2014, Tracey Stern

Monty The Penguin

I am pretty sure that had the Ten Commandments been updated for our modern era, they would have included a mandate for all clients who advertise, to make the best and most emotionally driven Christmas TV ad possible. Read Tracey Stern’s critique of this year’s Christmas Ads from the UK’s top retailers.

The Four M’s of Crowdfunding Success

20 November 2014, Jonah Halper


Jonah Halper, founder of Altruicity highlights the strategic components successful crowdfunding campaigns have in common.

Social Platform Cheat Sheet & Quick Guide

19 November 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Learn about the target audiences, content types, advertising opportunities and strategic benefits of the key social media platforms.

6 Considerations To Transform And Integrate Your Marketing

11 November 2014, Simon Francis

rabbit in the headlights

Simon Francis, discusses how to navigate the integrated marketing minefield, and whether you should be reviewing your internal and external marketing ecosystem.