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Airmiles: A Case Study In Poor Email Marketing

1 November 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Airmiles logoA few days ago, I received an HTML email from Airmiles with the subject line: “A little thank you from Airmiles and Lloyds TSB”. Given that I am an Airmiles account holder through my Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo Credit Credit, I opened the email expecting to receive a freebie or an member-only offer of some kind.

I was however surprised to receive an email offering me the chance to receive two free flights if I apply for a Lloyds TSB credit card before the end of the 2010.

10 Ways To Get Banned by Facebook

1 November 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Banned from Facebook

If you’re investing your energies in using Facebook, the last thing you want is to have your Facebook account disabled. Check out 10 things you should be avoiding in order to stay within the law as dictated by Facebook.

Integrated Marketing – Did Orange and T-Mobile Get It Right?

22 October 2010, Tracey Stern

T-Mobile and Orange logosWhilst on the tube last week, I spotted a very interesting poster ad for the collaboration between Orange and T- Mobile. The question begs whether or not it ticked all the boxes from a best practice Integrated Marketing perspective.

Google Product Extensions and Plusbox Ads

23 September 2010, Jonathan Saipe

I was looking to buy some cycling shoes yesterday and searched for “shimano shoes”. What I saw in Google SERPS was an AdWords “plusbox” ad – a relative newcomer that lives under the banner of Google AdWords Product Extensions.

Google Instant: The Impact on SEO and PPC

19 September 2010, Jonathan Saipe

In the last couple of weeks, Google has tacitly launched Google Instant, an enhancement to the Google SERPS user interface where the SERP updates dynamically to show results as the user types search terms. The question begs, how will it affect SEO and PPC performance in terms of metrics, content strategy and brand…

Content versus Channel

12 September 2010, Tracey Stern

In a recently published research  report by YouGov, findings showed that television ads have a greater impact and are more memorable than their online equivalent. 4,199 adults in the UK took part (conducted by YouGov for consultancy firm Deloitte) with over 60% of all 18-34 year olds voting for TV advertising as their preferred format for advertising messages.

Drift Marketing – Recapture Abandoned Shopping Carts

1 September 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Some research suggests that shopping cart abandonment rates can be as high as 50-60%. And it’s for this reason that marketers and ecommerce analysts are constantly looking at ways of reducing form or cart abandonment. Welcome to the concept of Drift Marketing.

Why Content Is Still King in 2010

10 August 2010, Tracey Stern

I was reading this morning that Outdoor (Out of Home) revenues increased significantly in Quarter 2, boosted massively by a variety of Outdoor Digital formats. It started me thinking about the way in which Digital media has changed our lives, for the better. Even for oldies such as myself, we now take all things ‘digital’ for granted. It’s just a way of life.

IAB Search Marketing Barometer Results 2010

13 July 2010, Jonathan Saipe

IAB logoThe IAB has just released their 2010 search marketing barometer which makes for essential reading if you operate in digital marketing or search engine marketing. Take a look at their findings…

Poll Results: Are you including Social Media within your 2010 marketing activity?

8 June 2010, Jonathan Saipe

We asked you to let us know about your 2010 social media marketing activity.

Out of a 357 votes, the following results were found:

Social Media Poll Results

The clear trend is that most voters (54%) are carrying out their social media activity in-house with only 18.18% outsourcing it.

An equal number of people reported having no plans for it in the short term and only 9.09% were considering it.


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