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Why Content Is Still King in 2010

10 August 2010, Tracey Stern

I was reading this morning that Outdoor (Out of Home) revenues increased significantly in Quarter 2, boosted massively by a variety of Outdoor Digital formats. It started me thinking about the way in which Digital media has changed our lives, for the better. Even for oldies such as myself, we now take all things ‘digital’ for granted. It’s just a way of life.

IAB Search Marketing Barometer Results 2010

13 July 2010, Jonathan Saipe

IAB logoThe IAB has just released their 2010 search marketing barometer which makes for essential reading if you operate in digital marketing or search engine marketing. Take a look at their findings…

Poll Results: Are you including Social Media within your 2010 marketing activity?

8 June 2010, Jonathan Saipe

We asked you to let us know about your 2010 social media marketing activity.

Out of a 357 votes, the following results were found:

Social Media Poll Results

The clear trend is that most voters (54%) are carrying out their social media activity in-house with only 18.18% outsourcing it.

An equal number of people reported having no plans for it in the short term and only 9.09% were considering it.

Google Offers Increased Visitor Privacy Options

26 May 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Google Analytics is a product that digital marketers and web analysts know and use ubiquitously. Of course, what most Internet users do not realise, is that their every step is normally being recorded by either Google Analytics or another web analytics tool. Today, Google announced some measures to ensure that online visitor privacy is maintained.

Online Market Highlights – March 2010

11 May 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Attached are Nielsen’s Online Market Highlights for March 2010.

Most notable online trends reported in this month’s market highlights are as follows:

  • The top 5 websites (Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo! and BBC) remain unchanged; their reach is 95.55% of the UK online market!
  • Google Search is still the stickiest search brand with an average reach of 81.5% followed by Google Image Search (28%); Yahoo! Search and Bing share approx 18% of reach
  • Ebay remains number 1 for ecommerce reach; it reaches 45.9% (18.5m) of the active UK audience
  • The highest % increase in reach comes from the Co-Operative (+58%) in the top ecommerce sites of the month
  • The Co-Operative and Nectar replace Gumtree and John Lewis in the top ecommerce sites this month

View the full Online Market Highlights – March 2010

Measuring Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google SERPS

20 April 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Google has recently made improvements to how its Webmaster Tools report on impressions and click through rates (CTR) in search engine results pages. This data is crucial in measuring the effectiveness of your website metadata as well as the number of impressions you receive according to each keyword or keyphrase.

Online Market Highlights – February 2010

29 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Attached are Nielsen’s Online Market Highlights for February 2010.

Most notable online trends reported are as follows:

  • The top 15 sites remain virtually unchanged
  • 35-49 audience shows the largest increase month on month
  • The top 5 sites reach 95% of the total online universe with Bing/MSN/Windows Live in second place after Facebook
  • Member communities represent the most time spent online by consumers
  • Google Search is the ‘stickiest’ online brand
  • World of Warcraft is the number one application, in terms of average time spent on applications online
  • Ebay remains number one in the e-commerce category

View the full Online Market Highlights – February 2010

Times and Sunday Times Online Move To Subscription Model

27 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Times Online logoNews International announced that The Times Online and Sunday Times Online will be moving to a paywall model for all of its online content as of June 2010.

18 Common SEO Mistakes

21 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

18 Common SEO MistakesHaving overseen the production of thousands of websites and their search campaigns since the mid-90’s, I’ve put together a guide covering 18 common SEO mistakes or omissions made by website owners or web designers.

Microsoft Launches Bing TV Ads in the UK

11 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

I was “privileged” to watch Bing’s UK ad last night on TV.

The proposition of reducing information overload is clear enough. So 8 out of 10 for clarity there.

It’s the creative execution that I’m just not sure about. The aim of the ad is no doubt to irritate viewers with its schizophrenic and fast paced exchange of dialogue and scenes, mirroring the experience searchers experience when using Google. Whilst the editing works for me, does it persuade me to us Bing? Most likely not.

Judge for yourself…