Jonathan Saipe

10 Ways To Get Banned by Facebook

1 November 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Banned from FacebookLast week, I was fortunate enough to hear a seminar by the very charismatic Internet visionary Massimo Burgio.

He covered some useful best practices when using Facebook as part of your corporate social media strategy.

However, rather than highlight the best practices, which are all too prevalent in blogs and articles, I thought I’d flip the coin and illustrate 10 things that will increase your chances of getting banned by Facebook.

If you’re investing large amounts of time and effort in Facebook, you don’t want to scupper these efforts by having your account disabled. So here goes…

  1. By not being a human or using a fake name
  2. Using a personal profile to promote a business
  3. Posting copyrighted material
  4. Importing too many RSS feeds such as blogs
  5. Scraping information from Facebook
  6. Getting reported as abusive by other Facebook users
  7. Starting hate or obscene groups
  8. Adding too many friends or joining too many groups at once
  9. Sending out identical personal messages to many friends
  10. Placing too many links (promotional or not) on posts or messages

The full deck (which includes how to be a spammer on Facebook ads) can be viewed below.