Jonathan Saipe

Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

5 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

All credit to the guys at SEOMoz for creating the SEO web developer’s cheat sheet; a 2-page PDF document that reminds developers of the all-important detail for search engine optimisation campaigns.

Given that many developers wont even consider SEO as part of their daily development chores, the SEO cheat sheet is a welcome reminder of the important detail to consider.

Broadly it covers the following areas:

  • Important HTML tags
  • Search engine indexing limits
  • 301 redirects for Apache
  • Recommended metadata syntax
  • Common (basic) canonicalisation issues
  • Important search engine robots
  • Robots meta tags
  • Sitemap syntax summary
  • List of common robot traps
  • Robots.txt syntax

Download the web developer’s SEO cheat sheet