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10 ways to drive traffic to your blog

7 October 2008, Jonathan Saipe

Ever wondered how to generate targeted traffic to your blog? If your blog isn’t achieving the volume of traffic you were expecting, take a look at our top 10 tips for acheiving blogging success.

The User Experience process as part of User Centred Design

30 June 2008, Jonathan Saipe

With over ten years of commercial web design and development experience, Stephen Hellens, user experience architect at LBi, has kindly published his words of wisdom on the user experience process as part of the user centred design process.

Google AdWords Success Checklist

27 May 2008, Jonathan Saipe

Google AdWords logoIn the world of search engine marketing, it is ill advised to rest on your laurels and assume that your PPC campaign is performing optimally. We have therefore compiled the ultimate checklist of considerations for your PPC activity.

Expanded Match: The Big Unknown

26 April 2008, Jonathan Saipe

When running a Google AdWords campaign, where does Google’s rather furtive “expanded match” algorithm fit into keyword matching strategy? And how can it help AdWords users and searchers?

Website Design for Web 2.0

3 March 2008, Jonathan Saipe

Within Emarketeers’ web design best practice course, we include case studies for effective website design within the web 2.0 domain. Within this article, we highlight some design considerations to give food for thought to senior web designers.

SEO Campaigns: Outsource or In-house?

3 February 2008, Jonathan Saipe

If you are weighing up whether or not to run your SEO campaign in-house or outsourcing it to a 3rd party SEO agency then read on. We discuss the benefits and possible pitfalls of the “do it yourself” approach to search engine optimisation.

Are Liquid Layouts the Way Forward?

16 January 2008, Jonathan Saipe

Whilst the majority of websites adhere to a fixed width layout, some web designers still maintain that liquid layouts tick many of the boxes presented in a creative or technical brief. If you are a web designer wanting to learn more about liquid web design, this article is for you.

Missing Google Analytics Goals

23 December 2007, Jonathan Saipe

Google Analytics gives website owners the ability to track goals and metrics such as search engine keyword and referrer type against goals amongst many others. Without goal tracking, users lose a significant level of detail in their Google Analytics reports. Why is it that so many website owners or businesses ignore setting up goal tracking in Google Analytics?

Engaging the Non Techie Trainee

20 December 2007, Jonathan Saipe

When enrolling on a one day training couse that includes technical subject matter e.g. search engine optimisation, how can you ensure that delegates – particularly non-technical ones – digest the multifarious elements sufficiently, and equally importantly, apply it to their own projects or campaigns?