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Content is NOT King, Customer Experience Is

5 January 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Web content management now needs to focus on delivering a compelling and contextually relevant customer experience in favour of publishing standard content. Businesses now need to produce website content that engages, persuades and helps visitors achieve their goals if they want to see higher conversions and increased customer satisfaction.

Season’s Greetings From Emarketeers

22 December 2008, Jonathan Saipe

WWF logoWe would like thank all of our delegates, partners, suppliers and friends for their support over 2008. Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone!

2008: The Year of The Electric Car?

20 December 2008, Jonathan Saipe

Electric CarWith the US automotive industry crisis hitting the news in December ’08 and the credit crunch here to stay for at least another year, can we see changes in search behaviour when it comes to our car purchasing habits? The answer is yes, if you believe what you see in Google Trends.

AddThis Social Bookmarking Button: It’s hot!

12 December 2008, Jonathan Saipe

AddThis Social Bookmarking ButtonOnce in a while, digital marketers are given access to a widget that is so simple yet so effective, it’s almost too good to be true. Enter the “AddThis” social bookmarking and feed button. Read more about it and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

16 Ways to Build an Opt in Email Database

10 December 2008, Jonathan Saipe

How to Build an Opt-in Email DatabaseBuilding an opt-in email database is essential if you are serious about email marketing and need to collect quality and targeted subscriber data. Most digital marketers fail to appreciate the breadth of options available to collect opt-in subscriber data. We hope you get some useful tips from the following techniques.

The Homonym Effect on SEO: “iPhone 3G Crack”

1 December 2008, Jonathan Saipe

iPhone 3G Crack: Homonyms and SEOIf you’re ever wondering why your web analytics is showing a massive spike in traffic, it could be to do with the “homonym effect” in SEO. Read more about this search engine optmisation factor as well as a real life example I came across literally minutes ago.

Google SearchWiki: Useful for who exactly?

25 November 2008, Jonathan Saipe

We now see the launch of Google SearchWiki, a set of tools added to Google SERPs enabling Google account holders to edit and comment on Google search results. Is this tool useful for Google users or Google themselves? And will SEO’ers benefit from this in the same way that they did from PageRank before paid links became far more scrutinised?

Improving Search Engine Click-Through Rates

24 November 2008, Jonathan Saipe

While SEO savvy website owners and SEO professionals work tirelessly on optimising their websites for better search engine rankings, often overlooked is the technique of improving search engine click-through rates (CTR) by optmising website metadata.

Writing for the Web: The Importance of Synonyms

20 November 2008, Jonathan Saipe

writing for the webWhen writing for the web, an online copywriter cannot afford to ignore the deployment of synonyms within on-page copy, links and site metadata. Read more about the importance of synonyms as an online copywriting strategy.

20 Essential Training Tips for The Perfect Trainer

17 November 2008, Jonathan Saipe

When running regular training courses, the brave soul – otherwise known as the trainer – standing in front of expectant delegates, is meant to be a bit like Mary Poppins: “practically perfect in every way”. Read Emarketeers’ 20 essential tips on becoming the pefect trainer.