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Using Web Analytics To Improve UX and Revenue

20 November 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Jim Sterne reports on the The Feedback Loop Gap where organisations have web analytics data but they rarely act on it.

Mining The Web’s Emotions

5 November 2009, Jonathan Saipe

I came across this superb video recently. It’s a TED lecture given by Jonathan Harris, a computer scientist and artist based in Brooklyn, USA.
He talks about his project “We Feel Fine” which exquisitely uses technology to mine the world’s blogs collecting snapshots of the bloggers’ feelings and collectively the web’s emotions.

He also introduces his newer project “Universe” which turns current events into constellations of words.

Both projects illustrate that our differences – be they cultural, monetary, political, sexual or geographical – are actually not so diverse as we share the same feelings, issues, concerns, doubts or celebrations.

“We Feel Fine” is not only triumphant in consolidating the web’s emotions via unfiltered and passively observed content, but it also contains beautiful interfaces that translate chaos into coherence.


8 Words For UX Professionals To Live By

2 November 2009, Rupert Hughes

“Don’t Make Me Think” and “First, Do No Harm”. Read Rupert Hughes’ view on the phrases that encapsulate what user experience (UX) is all about…

Samsung Turbo 3000 Multitask. Wow It Rocks!!

1 November 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Yes ok this video clip is 3 years old but it still makes me laugh.

Google Analytics: More Enterprise Level Upgrades

21 October 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Yesterday Google announced the roll-out of more enterprise-level features within Google Analytics. For a free web analytics service which has already surpassed itself and the competition, these new features make Google Analytics all the more compelling.

Ditch Your Principles For Great UX

19 October 2009, Rupert Hughes

Paretos principleThe much-referenced Pareto principle states that for many things in life, 80% of their effect is derived from 20% of their cause. This may be a great rule of thumb for running a business, but it’s a dreadful one for designing a user experience…

Parameter Handling Tool Assists With Duplicate Content Issues

19 October 2009, Jonathan Saipe

For a number of years, the issue of duplicate content has been a hot topic for many SEO professionals. This month sees the launch of a parameter handling tool within Google’s webmaster tools; a tool that assists webmasters and developers when constructing URLs that could cause duplicate content issues…

Emarketeers And Guardian Launch Media Academy

14 October 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Guardian Media AcademyEmarketeers are thrilled to announce the launch of Media Academy, a brand new partnership with The Guardian aimed at helping individuals and businesses reach their “digital potential”.

Christmas Flights: When Are You Booking Yours?

11 October 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Christmas flights - when are you booking yours?I’ve left it rather late to book Christmas flights to Australia this year. And as it gets closer to Christmas, the prices inevitably rise steeply. Clearly the early bird catches the worm when it comes to Christmas getaways. The question is, has seasonal search behaviour for “Christmas flights” changed since 2005?

10 UX Tools and Resources

10 October 2009, Rupert Hughes

A quick check of Google shows 148 million results for “User Experience”, and more sites and blogs are popping up everyday. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, so here are 10 tried and tested sites that we keep returning to for guidelines, tools and sources of inspiration from the world of usability and user experience.