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5 Critical Components Underpinning Your Digital Strategy

7 February 2014, Jonathan Saipe

Building a successful digital strategyAs businesses and organisations put increasing emphasis on the value of digital, the challenge is knowing how to develop a successful digital strategy. Take a look at 5 fundamental components underpinning your digital strategy.

5 Ways Digital Pros Can Deal With Information Overload

18 December 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Information overloadInformation overload or ‘data smog’ is a very real and sometime scary problem and things are only getting worse. For the busy marketing or digital professional, there are a number of simple and effective methods to help alleviate overload.

4 Ways To Upskill In Digital

16 October 2013, Tracey Stern

GeniusIn this economic and competitive climate, digital skills are an absolute necessity. Check out 4 ways to keep your digital skills razor sharp.

It’s OK Google – With Success Comes Failure

7 October 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Google search timelineI have a confession to make. The original title of this blog was “Google – success or failure”. However, at the last minute I changed it as it was not only wholly inaccurate, but also a gratuitous hook to get you to read on!

5 Ways To Re-Engage Customers Using Email Marketing

28 May 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Chain Reaction Cycles logoToday I received an email from Chain Reaction – a cycling etailer from whom I have purchased in the past – that instantly grabbed my attention. I haven’t shopped with them for a while, and as a subscriber, I was instantly impressed with their strategy and campaign.

They used 5 re-engagement techniques that I thought I’d share with you as a great case study of subscriber re-engagement.

1O Common (And Sometimes Costly) AdWords Mistakes

5 March 2013, Jonathan Saipe

OopsHaving run dozens of PPC and AdWords courses, I thought I’d share some of the most common recurring issues I encounter with client campaigns. Such issues have the potential to reduce performance and inhibit ROI. I’ve short-listed the 10 most common AdWords mistakes in order of how frequently they occur.

Content Is King: 3 Rules To Improve Engagement

21 December 2012, Gwyneth March

I have just spent 15 minutes trying to navigate the website of CrossCountry Rail to add to the hideous experience trying to find a phone number for British Gas to come and service my boiler. Both lost my business due to a failure to engage me with their digital content which suggests content marketing strategies are either not in place or are poor.

10 Reasons Your Link Building Isn’t Working

24 October 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Link buildingIn a post Google Penguin era, old school link building has become a thing of the past as SEO’ers realise such techniques offer no short or long term value or ROI.

However, there is still confusion about what is considered good and bad practice when it comes to link building. To help clarify, here are 10 possible reasons why your link building may not be working quite as you expected.

Introducing The Google Tag Manager

10 October 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Google has just announced the launch of the Google Tag Manager, a very handy tool for managing multiple ad tracking tags on your website.

“Auction Insights” Reveal Your Google AdWords Competitors

28 May 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Last week, Google announced a new feature in AdWords called Auction Insights, enabling advertisers to view additional information when competitor ads appear at the same time as your own ads.