Allister Frost

Social Media “Content Cookery School” [Slidedeck]

26 September 2013, Allister Frost

In a world crowded by vast swathes of social media content, there’s an urgent need to create stand-out and engaging content that makes a real impact and meets your marketing objectives.

Check out my talk at Social Media Week London, where I share new tips and techniques on creating content that clicks, including ways to get your content in front of as many contacts as possible, and suggestions to help you optimise your content marketing efforts for the co-creation future.

The event was run as a partnership between and Social Media Week and Emarketeers – demystifying online techno-babble and empowering you to run your digital activity without a glitch!

Allister Frost, Digital Marketing Personality of the Year 2013, is founder of Wild Orange Media and social media consultant at Emarketeers. Allister runs Emarketeers’ popularĀ advanced social media training course.