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Google Authorship: 8 Frequently Asked Questions

2 September 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Google+ logoGoogle’s authorship programme has clear benefits as it highlights content to people searching for content on Google. If you’re confused about its implementation, here are the answers to 8 frequently asked questions.

3 “Hidden” Google Tools For Digital Pros

28 August 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Google search toolsThe majority of people using Google on a day to day basis know little about the additional search tools it offers to enhance the findability of content. We’ve highlighted 3 “hidden” Google tools to make your search experience even richer.

The Keyword Planner: 5 New Features To Consider

19 July 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Keyword Planner monthly segmentsAs many of you know, the Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by the Keyword Planner. To ease the transition between the original Keyword Tool and the Keyword Planner, we’ve listed 5 changes Google has made.

Using Predatory Thinking To Outsmart The Competition [Slide Deck]

8 February 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Yesterday saw the first in a series of digital marketing events planned this year by Emarketeers, entitled “Using Predatory Thinking To Outsmart The Competition”. The slide deck can be viewed here.

How To Use rel=alternate hreflang For International SEO

10 January 2013, Jonathan Saipe

multilingual SEOIf you’re serving web content or web pages to different countries, it’s critical to get your local SEO right. As the mantra goes – Think Global Act Local.

Aside from local SEO issues, having similar content on multiple pages targeting different users around the world, might be considered duplicate content. So, to avoid any simlar content issues and to address local SEO best practices, it’s important to follow Google’s guidelines.

10 Reasons Your Link Building Isn’t Working

24 October 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Link buildingIn a post Google Penguin era, old school link building has become a thing of the past as SEO’ers realise such techniques offer no short or long term value or ROI.

However, there is still confusion about what is considered good and bad practice when it comes to link building. To help clarify, here are 10 possible reasons why your link building may not be working quite as you expected.

5 Changes To Google’s Algorithm In May

15 June 2012, Jonathan Saipe

As usual, Google has been busy refining and modifying its algorithm, making improvements to the whole search experience and keeping SEO’ers on their toes!

4 Ways Social Media is Already Influencing Search Results

8 June 2012, Kelvin Newman

It’s the worst kept secret in digital marketing that the search engines are planning to migrate towards using social signals was a way to determine who ranks where on search results pages.

3 SEO Tips On Error 404 Pages

12 March 2012, Jonathan Saipe

Error 404Following on from my blog post on the best error 404 pages, I’ve put together 3 answers to common questions about error 404 pages and their impact on SEO.

18 Essential SEO Tools And Software

1 March 2012, Jonathan Saipe

There are literally gazillions of SEO tools out there, both free and paid-for. As an attempt to distil these, I’ve put together a list of the most popular essential SEO tools and software to help digital marketers run their SEO campaigns.