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Future Mobile Strategies You Can’t Afford To Neglect

19 July 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Mobile marketingThis year, mobile is widely predicted to finally come of age, providing marketers and digital strategists with huge opportunities for monetisation, CRM and extending brand reach.

In this fast evolving landscape, Jeremy Rosenberg, Emarketeers’ mobile marketing and comms specialist, reveals the mobile strategies marketers simply cannot afford to neglect.

Mobile Marketing – The Wrong Way

13 December 2012, Jonathan Saipe

iPhone text messageTwo days ago, I decided that my trusty iPhone 3GS was beyond its usable life and it was time to upgrade to a 5. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go to plan.

Responsive Design – A Clear Definition

21 October 2012, Tim Fidgeon

Responsive design definedResponsive design needs to be clearly defined. For most projects, mobile phones will justify their own version of content (that has more than only layout differences from the desktop-version).

Integrated Marketing – Did Orange and T-Mobile Get It Right?

22 October 2010, Tracey Stern

T-Mobile and Orange logosWhilst on the tube last week, I spotted a very interesting poster ad for the collaboration between Orange and T- Mobile. The question begs whether or not it ticked all the boxes from a best practice Integrated Marketing perspective.

Samsung Turbo 3000 Multitask. Wow It Rocks!!

1 November 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Yes ok this video clip is 3 years old but it still makes me laugh.

Blackberry Orphans: Are Children The Only Victims?

10 October 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Blackberry curveI recently read a Wall Street Journal article which described the concept of “Blackberry orphans”: children who are ignored by their parents who are too absorbed by their mobile email or social media feeds. But does the Blackberry orphan effect stop at children?

New Mobile Marketing Training Course

27 April 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Mobile Marketing Training CourseAlways at the forefront of digital marketing training, Emarketeers has launched a mobile marketing course, the first one to take place on 16 June 2009.