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E-Insight Digital Marketing Blog: Emarketeers

Digital Up Skilling: Like Death and Taxes

7 June 2012, Gwyneth March

My agency decided we would nail digital training for good in 2007.  Like many a WW1 General, I believed that one heave and we’d be over the top and away…

Why Technology Matters

1 May 2012, Tracey Stern

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to a dinner where the guest speaker was Ed Vaizey. Ed delivered some really interesting insights into the role of culture and creativity in the UK today. He also spoke most passionately about the critical importance of technology and digital access for 2012 and beyond.

Learning To Speak To The Digital Natives

30 April 2012, Dave Birss

digital languagesWhat better place to write about the importance of understanding languages than from a cafe in a departure lounge of a foreign airport? I’m currently sitting in Sao Paolo waiting for a connecting flight to London. I don’t speak a word of Portuguese. And I was foolish enough not to bring a phrasebook.

Web Coding Isn’t Just For Programmers

23 April 2012, Jonathan Saipe

HTML codeWhen I passed my driving test and had just started to drive independently (yes that was a long time ago in 1987!), I was always curious to know what was going on under the bonnet.

10 Essential Cloud Tools For Small Businesses

4 November 2011, Jonathan Saipe

A small business environment is challenging at the best of times. Aside from the obvious commercial challenges, there are a myriad of operational challenges that are too often a distraction for senior decision makers. With the advent of cloud computing, small businesses have the opportunity to increase productivity, save time and reduce risk at minimal expense.

5 Ways To Improve Customer Retention

28 October 2011, Tracey Stern

How many times have we, as consumers, been lured with promises of discounts, added value, and a life of customer service utopia for ever more.

Search By Image With Google Images

15 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Google has announced an enhancement to its image search facility allowing users to upload a picture or paste a URL to a picture and search for similar images.

Wired’s Most Influential Figures In Britain’s Digital Economy

8 May 2011, Tracey Stern

Wired magazineI read the Wired Second Annual Survey on the UK’s Digital Power Brokers last weekend, with much interest. The list is published annually, and to my mind is a far more interesting read than Tatler’s 100 most eligible men and women in the UK, although admittedly, there may be a small amount of cross-over in each list.

Our Internet Vulnerability Reaches An All Time High

1 May 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Last week, I read rather bemused that a 75 year old woman in Georgia, who had never heard of the Internet, managed to sever the Internet connections in Georgia and neighbouring Armenia by cutting fibre optic cables when digging for scrap metal. Whilst outages are not uncommon, this event highlighted how a simple mistake can cause a large amount of disruption for both individuals and businesses who are increasingly reliant on Internet connectivity.

Why Sky Has Got It Right…

10 March 2011, Tracey Stern

All too often, we feel compelled to share our thoughts about negative brand experiences. With spring just around the corner and the sunshine finally making an appearance, I have decided it’s time to briefly reverse this trend….