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Retention: great experience = loyal users

24 July 2009, Rupert Hughes

User engagement part IV - Retention: great experience = loyal usersYour website’s user experience (UX) is working to create loyalty from the moment a user lands on your site, but in the Retention phase, it’s not just your website’s UX that matters…

Conversion: turning users into customers

20 July 2009, Rupert Hughes

User engagement part III - Conversion: turning users into customersYour website’s user experience in the conversion phase is more important than any other, since it’s the experience visitors will remember and is also the final hurdle between your website making a sale or generating a lead hence turning visitors into value.

User Experience (UX) and Improving Engagement

12 July 2009, Rupert Hughes

User engagement part II - Improving EngagementFrom the moment a visitor clicks on your perfectly crafted, scent-rich link, the engagement clock (actually more of a stopwatch) is ticking. Rupert Hughes of Firehorse Digital talks about the importance of user engagement as part of improving the user experience process.

New Usability and IA Training Course Launched

8 July 2009, Jonathan Saipe

Any usability professional will tell you that designing and building websites in isolation of its target users could well be seriously limiting its effectiveness. Read about our latest training course on user experience and information architecture.

User Experience (UX): Online Customer Acquisition

6 July 2009, Rupert Hughes

User engagement part I - Online customer acquisitionUser experience (UX) is most effective when it permeates the entire customer life cycle through all relevant touchpoints that a company or product has with that customer. Over the next four weeks, we will be publishing four articles on how UX affects the success of online marketing at the four key stages of the online customer life cycle: Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion and Retention. We kick off with online customer acquisition…