Jonathan Saipe

SEO Versus Social Media in Search

7 March 2010, Jonathan Saipe

Social Media may well be the zeitgeist of the moment, but has its popularity eclipsed that of search engine optimisation in Google?

We compared two commonly used short tail search terms: social media and SEO (more popular than search engine optimisation in search).

In the UK, SEO is still more popular in search than social media, with consistent year on year growth since 2004.

Late 2007 sees early adopters searching for social media content, but the news reference popularity doesn’t really kick in until the start of 2009.

SEO versus Social Media since 2004

This year’s trends show that SEO is still more popular in search, but interestingly social media is the clear winner in news reference searches demonstrating its zeitgeist.

SEO versus Social Media last 12 months