Jonathan Saipe

DMA Research: Facebook Most ‘Marketing Friendly’ Platform

23 April 2014, Jonathan Saipe

According to the DMA’s latest research, Facebook has emerged as the preferred social media channel for campaign planning and post-campaign analysis. Overall, LinkedIn and Twitter ranked in 2nd and 3rd places respectively, with YouTube and Google+ in 4th and 5th places.

Whilst Facebook came out on top overall, Twitter scored highest in its effectiveness in building brand awareness. LinkedIn scored highest for its capabilities in user targeting.

This latest research was published in the DMA’s Social Media Scorecard and was based on a poll of 171 UK digital marketers.

The survey respondents were asked to score social platforms based on various criteria including:
  • ability to target individuals and integrate with other channels
  • ability to create interactive experiences
  • campaign objectives including: brand awareness, customer acquisition, retention, engagement and advocacy
  • ability to access social data
  • ability to monitor (and evaluate) campaign ROI
The results are published in the infographic below:

Social Media Scorecard - DMA