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What people say about our search marketing courses

This course gave us some valuable insider tools which we hope will combat some of the SEO challenges we face with a multi-lingual site.

One of the best training courses I've been on. So much of it was interesting, engaging and relevant, and I felt like I came away with loads of new practical knowledge on SEO. And the trainer was brilliant - really honest and engaging delivery.

The SEO course was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the technical side of web copywriting. Complex concepts were explained and demonstrated very well, and I now feel confident in employing them in my day-to-day tasks.

I feel it hit the right notes for the team enabling them to know what 'good content' looks like. But also moving from theoretical knowledge to hands on by equipping them with the tools to help research and write content -thereby increasing their productivity.

In a world where it frequently comes down to "write for humans" - I learned an awful lot from emarketeers during the course of the day - awesome

I highly recommend the SEO Content & Copywriting Course for any Product Marketer. I knew that Content was King. Now I know the impact content has on Google ranking and how to find the right balance between easy to consume content and content optimized for SEO.

The SEO Content and Copywriting Training Course is a valuable use of anyone's time. Due to the speed at which the game rules change, whether you're new or a dab hand with SEO you'll learn plenty.

Really helpful tutor and explained the concepts very well.

An excellent place to start if you’re completely new to SEO. Covers a lot of ground in one day and you’ll leave a LOT more knowledgable, confident and appreciative of the main principles of SEO than when you arrived!

Excellent course taught very well and covered everything to assist in SEO.


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