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What people say about our web analytics courses

I've been working with Google Analytics for years, but this course really helped to further my knowledge in terms of the practical day to day uses I was completely missing out on. Thanks Emarketeers!

Very good course, developed to engage different levels of GA understanding. There was a brilliant course leader, incredibly personable and presented the course in an engaging way.

The Google Analytics Course helped me to better understand the metrics I use on a daily basis and how to get more out of data.

A fantastic tutor with a wealth of relevant and interesting material to draw on. I really enjoyed their presentation style and the way they were able to cut through the noise to get to the crux of an issue. their messages really hit home and I genuinely feel that my work will be more focused and valuable as a result. It was a great day

The course was very well presented. It was easy to understand and navigate and the hands on aspect helped us all get a hang of things quickly! I highly recommend EMarketeers courses to anyone working within the marketing realm!

A great introduction to Google Analytics and understanding its functionality, with a lot of useful information to help further develop our online understanding.

The teacher was brilliant. A top public speaker who knew how to explain things in a simplistic manner making it more digestible. One of the best GA or marketing courses I've taken part in. Well done and thank you!

The Advanced Google Analytics Course provided me a deeper insight into the way Google Analytics can be used to benefit a business.

I really enjoyed this course. It included a good balance of theory coupled with practical tools that can be adopted by our business.

Remco was a very good speaker and answered all our questions with the right amount of detail. Recommended!


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