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What people say about our email marketing courses

I really enjoyed the course. I'm so used to editing small snippets of code or working with modular templates that I've never needed to build my own from scratch. This has definitely helped to build my confidence and I can't wait to get stuck in!

Great training course. Really beneficial!

Fantastic course if you're trying to build your confidence creating and coding emails.

The mobile email design and coding course was very enjoyable, and despite having quite a bit of experience I still learnt many new things which I am sure to use in future. The trainer was relaxed and very easy to engage with and he made the course very comfortable.

An excellent and a very useful course for a first-timer in the world of designing for a mobile interface!

A pacey, enlightening and informative course covering all the essentials of email marketing. Lots of practical tips to take back to the office and implement on your next campaign, as well as longer term goals to work towards over coming months.

I already had an understanding of Mailchimp, however the trainer opened my eyes to the power that the system has. I didn't realise what power one list can have!

I'd recommend the email marketing course. A first-rate, insightful look at all the tips of the trade, delivered by an expert in both marketing and presenting.

Elliott did a great job of explaining the importance of mobile-first email in an increasingly changing environment! From teaching us email client rendering using a happy/sad Kanye West analogy, to using kitten images as placeholder images - Elliott's teaching is fresh, and dare I say it "cool" - not something you'd associate with HTML coding!

A brilliant trainer: relaxed, friendly, professional, knowledgeable. Everything you need from a trainer and course!


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