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What people say about our project management courses

If you do one course on web projects this year, do this one!

A well thought-out course that provides great foundations for website project management.

The training course was a great experience and really opened my eyes to the different journeys you can take to get to the same place.

I now feel at least somewhat qualified to begin the mammoth undertaking of redesigning my company's website. Jonathan clearly and simply taught us the various approaches to project management, and I now have a greater understanding of the technical issues too.

Engaging, interesting and very informative - I can't wait to put what I've learned into practise!

I was hesitant that an all day course may be a little too much to handle but I was pleasantly surprised at how intimate, entertaining and insightful the whole day was. Our leader Jonathan was fab and extra considerations like snacks and drinks made my day.

Coming from a more traditional advertising background I've ventured into the digital world with experience of project management, but not much confidence or know-how in how to apply to this to a new digital landscape. This course has now given me both the knowledge and confidence that I was lacking.

I have been on a lot of day training courses with a fair amount of training companies and this course was honestly the best in terms of taking home actual practical, applicable knowledge and skills. It's changed the way I will approach any digital project or campaigns from now on.

Great course and a great tutor. Recommended!

I thought the Web Project Management course was excellent and well paced; our group had mixed digital PM experience but we all learned something from it.


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