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What people say about our web technology courses

This course was excellent. I was an HTML and CSS novice, but now I feel confident creating and editing webpages. The trainer was incredibly engaging and helpful and tailored the course to the needs of all the attendees.

Very informative and useful course to drill down into how to use HTML to develop good looking and robust emails that will work across different platforms.

The trainer was excellent. He understood the requirements of his audience and adjusted the content and pace so they got the most out of it.

Fantastic day - it was fun, interesting, engaging and easy to follow. I learnt so much and it gave me some excellent background knowledge in order to progress onto more advanced subjects.

Thanks to this course code is no longer an intimidating mass of letters and numbers to me!

I found this course really useful. The content was made easy to understand, and the interactive elements of the course really helped. I would definitely recommend to anyone learning HTML and CSS.

Really enjoyable course in a relaxed environment. Felt very comfortable asking any questions I had. Would highly recommend the course to others.

Emarketeers ticked all of the right boxes and surpassed all my expectations of a coding course. Would highly recommend!

As someone who works across emails and web pages, this course gave me a great understanding of both the principles behind HTML and CSS and their practical application.

A great introduction to HTML & CSS that will allow you to turn all that scary code into a language you can understand.


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