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Tailor-Made Training Programmes

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Emarketeers recognises that organisations and individuals need to keep pace with the ongoing changes. Aligned to this, everyone has different learning objectives and skills gaps. To make learning easier, and with the aim of enhancing digital performance, Emarketeers can deliver in-house courses and workshops across all key areas of digital, led by our team of expert consultants.

We will work closely with you, and your teams, to ensure that the content is tailored to suit your needs. We want to ensure that those attending have the confidence to action the learning output, so we include post course support as part of each training programme for all of the delegates.

Brands we work with:

I was slightly worried before the course that I may not get much out of it, coming from a background in digital and having done previous digital training such as Google Squared. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the day and how much I learned - there's definitely something for everyone. It's well organised, well structured and well delivered by trainers that know their fields inside-out.

Georgina Wilkinson, Account Manager

Exactly what we wanted, a perfect course to introduce you to the world of Digital Marketing. Our team will now be working closer together on the digital marketing side of our business.

Damian Hunt, Marketing Coordinator

The course surpassed my expectations with regards to content and structure. Kath Pay gave us really useful advice and instruction in terms of next steps for email marketing, and gave me tangible ideas to take away and implement in my current job. I would highly recommend this course.

Emily Hill, CRM Assistant

The trainer, Mike Berry was very professional; provided an extensive overview of the subject within a relatively short amount of time. Helpful, amusing, engaging and genuinely interested in his subject as well as the participants' own experiences and knowledge.

Sarah Hemingway, Administrator
Plymouth University

Mike was fantastic. Insightful, engaging and made a day of training fun, as well as a learning experience.

Philip Howard, Account Executive

Here at Innova we talk of being able to input any one person's knowledge as a chip into our brain. I would happily have Annmarie's chip! She is an incredibly analytically minded and connected professional.

Eloise Jean, Marketing Coordinator
Innova Systems

A must-go-to course for any SEO newbies contemplating tackling this area. The course gives you a clear insight into SEO and practical ideas into tackling your own.

Thanks to Jonathan for being so friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I walked away re-energised and knowing 'I CAN do this!' and I can't wait to start.

Fabienne Williams, Web Content Editor

Remco was an excellent presenter and really helped to bring the tool to life with exercises that were well-structured and engaging. I would highly recommend this course if you'd like to understand how to apply Google Analytics in your business.

Lucie Bell, Senior Customer Engagement Manager

One of the most informative courses I have been on. Packed full of information that is relevant to my work as an E-CRM Marketeer.

Sarah Kearney, E-CRM Marketing Manager
News UK

Superb SEO course, I'd highly recommend even if you think you're an SEO expert.

Richard Newman, Sales & Marketing Director
De Poel

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How we deliver:

Training Courses

We are totally committed to delivering the best possible learning experience: from manageable group sizes, to the experts we work with, the training venues, and post course support.

Blended Learning

In addition to traditional face-to-face methods, our training and consulting can also be delivered online, either live, or via our pre-recorded elearning modules.


We are able to facilitate workshops in all key areas of digital, based on your specific brief, business goals and learning outcomes. Our approach is neutral and highly focussed.


Our skills coaching involves one-on-one consultations with our industry experts, who will offer guidance and support in specific areas. Our approach is totally neutral, and will be tailored to meet your needs.


Our team of digital consultants can provide on-going strategic and tactical support to help fulfil your digital goals. 


Whether you're looking for an SEO or PPC audit, or help auditing 3rd party suppliers, our neutrality means we will offer impartial support and advice, empowering you to make the right decisions.



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