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Tailor-Made Training Programmes

We understand that every organisation has different learning objectives across its workforce. 

Our in-house workshops are a cost effective way to deliver customised courses, which are created specifically to help enhance digital performance.

Whatever your requirements, we will work closely with you to provide a training programme that meets your learning needs.

Brands we work with:

What our clients have to say:

Extremely valuable course. Never been to a course or workshop that has been so engaging and relevant before. Easy to take away steps to make instant improvements in how I work.

Sarah Tough, Online Manager

An interesting, informative and suprisingly fun insight into what lies behind Google's results, and how we might effect them.

Lucy Beckett, Producer

A training course that's a genuinely good use of time! Emarketeers know their stuff. The course gave me a thorough overview and a good understanding of social media and how best to use it in our organisation.

Michelle Bayley, Head of Communications

An excellent course if you want to understand how SEM works, how to approach it and make it work for your business!

Sue Hodge, Marketing Account Manager

Understandable, concise and relevant!

Chris Heron, Project Manager
Oxford University Press

I found the SEO copywriting course very eye opening and have definitely taken away learnings that can be implemented immediately and relatively easily and will improve our digital marketing.

Charlene Marsh, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager

I came into this room feeling like a digital dinosaur and left it feeling much more positive and confident. This course was mind-changing for me!

Anne Vigouroux, Marketing Manager
J. P. Morgan

Emarketeers open your eyes to some of the simple new tools readily available to help you handle elements of your own SEO and take control. They bring you up to speed with the latest techniques and tools delivered in a well paced and engaging manner.

Lloyd Foley, Head of Global Propositions
JT Global

An excellent learning experience, professionally presented in a clear, friendly and well thought manner.

Nick Robinson, Digital Marketing Executive

A great introduction to the topic and useful to focus on this important area of marketing

Iain Cox, Marketing Head, EMEA & NA
J. P. Morgan

The SEO course was massively informative and delivered at a pace that on completion most novices would be able to implement their own SEO strategies and boost online campaigns. Excellent value.

Jonathan Pearson, Marketing & Revenue Executive Analyst
Britannia Hotels



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