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Digital Marketing Essentials Training Course

Learn the fundamental concepts of digital marketing

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3 Mar 2015 Piccadilly, Manchester - SOLD OUT
£460.00 (7% off) Book Now
£495.00 £460.00 (until 20 Mar) Book Now
£395.00 (20% off) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT

Digital Marketing can be a confusing place full of acronyms, jargon and constant change. This intensive one-day course aims to cover the absolute fundamentals of digital marketing from search and mobile, to social and metrics.

You'll check how you much you already know, grasp some stuff you never properly understood before and, no doubt, identify some areas you’ll want to go into more deeply in the future.

It aims to stimulate, inform and inspire. You will finish the day with your head buzzing with new terminology, ideas and strategies.

Course Programme

Introduction: The Digital Marketing landscape

  • Where are we now? How did we get here? Where next?
  • Digital Marketing Planning - a strategic approach
  • Creating an effective digital marketing framework

Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC)

  • How search engines work
  • Keyword research analysis and tools
  • SEO: Link building techniques and how they help your rankings
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising: the essentials
  • Optimising your AdWords campaign (keywords, bid strategy, ad copy and creative) for maximum ROI
  • Improving landing page conversion rates

Email Marketing

  • An overview of the email marketplace
  • The role of ESPs (email service providers)
  • Threats and challenges for email marketers
  • Segmenting your database: eCRM
  • Increasing your open and click-through rates
  • Email design & development do's and don'ts
  • Staying within the Law

Social Media

  • The ‘Big Four’: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Social listening and sentiment analysis
  • Getting hands-on: Organising Social Media: internal structures/ responsibilities, work-flows
  • A strategic approach to social media

Mobile Marketing and Apps

  • A look at the mobile landscape and its huge growth
  • “There’s an App for that” (and everything else)
  • HTML5 and the mobile web
  • Location-based services: why, what and how

Usability and UX

  • Copy and Design: creating information architecture that delivers
  • Making your website GREAT™
  • The importance of User Testing

Web Analytics and Metrics

  • Launching your website is just the beginning
  • On-site analytics : the main platforms
  • The analytics dashboard
  • Setting up your conversion funnels
  • What to test and how to test
  • An iterative approach to optimization

Online Display Advertising

  • The display ecosystem: media agencies, publishers and ad networks
  • Ad formats: from traditional to new
  • Creative considerations: interruptive or permission-based?
  • Latest display advertising trends

What's New? What's Next?

  • A look ahead to the (near) future in Digital Marketing

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Following this training course you will have a better understanding of:

  • Essential digital marketing jargon, the key channels and the underlying principles
  • How to put together a digital marketing strategy
  • How to set KPIs for your online marketing activity
  • Integrated Search Marketing strategies
  • Social Media marketing in a business context
  • How to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns
  • Online display advertising networks and banner formats
  • Mobile apps, mobile web and location-based services
  • Analytics: what to measure and how to manage

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of  the course material and four weeks post course support online.

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This entry-level course typically attracts attendees looking to develop an understanding of the dynamic world of digital marketing.

The course is designed to give attendees a rapid boost to their knowledge of digital marketing strategy and techniques covering a broad set of disciplines. The approach is practical and straight-talking with case studies to bring the theory to life.

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This training course will be led by Mike Berry. Mike is a strategic digital marketing trainer, consultant, author and blogger. He is also a Visiting Professor of Marketing Strategy at Hult International Business School in London.

Mike has worked with an impressive array of blue chip brands and agencies, and regularly delivers workshops and keynote presentations both in the UK and abroad. 

Read more about Mike Berry »

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Excellent course: content, venue (and catering)! Would absolutely recommend it!

Just what I was looking for! Mike Berry, who took the course was really knowledgeable and definitely someone who I felt knew what he was talking about.

The course gave a great grounding in the basics from which to launch further in-depth learning. I would recommend this course for people wanting to get a broad understanding of digital marketing.

A great course detailing Digital Marketing concepts in theory and in practice. Delivered by someone with extensive knowledge and a passion for the industry.

A great course to give you a broad understanding of online marketing and help you identify the areas which may be useful for your business or organisation.

Excellent course, very well structured, current and informative.

It was a well-paced, interesting and informative course. Well worth a day out of the office.

The Digital Marketing Essentials course is fast-paced and comprehensive. It was tailored to our specific needs and covered all the materials that were required to broaden our understanding of digital marketing. It is undoubtedly an increasingly important aspect of the education industry, and is paramount in establishing and maintaining a global brand, as well as recruiting students. This course will help us to maximise our effectiveness in these areas.

Perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their journey in the world of digital marketing. The course really opens your mind to all the advantages but also all the disadvantages to protect yourself against. Eye opener!

Brilliant course - would highly recommend!

Industry expert as a trainer - you can't get better than that!

Highly recommend if you want a condensed but thorough summary of digital marketing and don't have more than a day to spare. Met all expectations and was delivered extremely well.

A very informative, well structured and professionally delivered course from a very knowledgeable trainer who has had years of experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to attending another course delivered by Emarketeers.

I have been out of the marketing arena for just over a year and needed to brush up on my digital skills. This course provided me with a good insight into digital marketing and the latest jargon needed. I recommend this course to anyone who needs to brush up on their skills or if you are just getting into digital marketing.

Very good clear and concise introductory course!

This was a good overview to Digital for those just starting out or not directly involved day to day. A comprehensive summary of the current buzzwords and long term disciplines involved in digital marketing.

A good course which covers the fundamentals of digital marketing delivered in a clear and concise manner, would recommend to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of all things digital!

I came into this room feeling like a digital dinosaur and left it feeling much more positive and confident. This course was mind-changing for me!

A great introduction to the topic and useful to focus on this important area of marketing

Very informative and I left feeling inspired. I'd definitely recommend!

An enjoyable day of learning on the Digital Marketing Essentials course. Quality information delivered with the right balance of seriousness and humour. Held at a great venue with a superb lunch topped it all off!

The Digital Marketing Essentials course gave me a great insight into all areas of digital marketing. Although there was a lot of content to go through, Mike was a great tutor and really made the course enjoyable and easy to follow.

Excellent training course. The content was interesting, diverse and relevant. A great way to get the enthusiasm and ideas to develop a successful digital marketing strategy.

Thoroughly enjoyable introduction into Internet Marketing. Left feeling very educated and also extremely inspired. Has wet my apetite for this style of learning and now hoping to attend the SEO course to further my knowledge.

What a brilliant course! The presenter was very good at imparting lots of information in a very digestible format. I came away feeling confident that I could tackle an area that I have been far too scared to touch in the past. The whole day course was intense but well worth it.

Great course, extremely informative, lovely venue, will hope to attend future courses with Emarketeers!

An excellent course which provided me with the know-how to challenge my organisation's online marketing strategy and the ability to manage agencies for improved ROI.

I now feel much more up to date with current e-marketing techniques. The course provided a well structured overview with lots of pointers to help me delve deeper.

I found the course very practical, relevant to my daily job (working in media/advertising) and I look forward the opportunity to apply some of today's learnings to our next digital campaign.

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