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Digital Strategy Training Course

Supercharge your digital marketing strategy

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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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The digital world has evolved at a phenomenal rate. What was once a channel for information is now a blend of experiences and opportunities, including communication, entertainment and retail.

With such a fast pace of change it can be difficult to create strategy for our brands rather than just "react" to circumstances.

This is an essential course for senior marketers to assist them in learning how to assess the key components of a digital marketing strategy. We’ll look at customers, channels, data, and suppliers to help you develop an effective strategy for delivering your digital business objectives.

Course Programme

Digital Marketing Channels

  • Digital marketing 101: the social channels, search, email, affiliates and how they work and who's using what
  • How to assess digital strengths and weaknesses in your organisation
  • Competitor benchmarking – tools to reveal how others use ecommerce and generate leads
  • Learn how customer and client behaviour impacts upon channel suitability
  • Reviewing your Online Value Proposition: B2B and B2C 

Voice of the Customer: Using Insights and Data

  • What customers like and dislike about websites and mobile sites
  • Discover what resources are available to capture insights
  • Learn what that data can tell us about your business or your brand
  • Understand how to apply data for positive strategic change
  • Permission marketing, cookies and data management issues

The Management Dashboard: Understanding The Metrics That Matter

  • Monitoring your brand online
  • 20 ways to measure digital success
  • Understand how to measure social marketing effectively
  • Learn how to develop SMART Objectives for your organisation
  • How to develop relevant KPI's

Bringing It All Together

  • The 3 principals of digital media management
  • Understand the difference between Strategy and Tactics
  • Learn how to write a proper strategy
  • Who should manage social marketing and where should it sit in your organisation?
  • Discover how audience segmentation and mapping the customer buying cycle can improve effectiveness
  • Integrating the offline and online
  • Develop your own blueprint for strategic digital marketing management
  • Tools to create your 90 day action plan

How To Select And Manage Your Agency Suppliers

  • Learn about the different types of marketing services suppliers
  • Learn how to assess their reputation and work
  • Discover the 6 different places to source them from
  • Understand how to write effective briefs
  • 5 tips and tools to ensure the relationship is productive

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You will come away from this training course with:   

  • The key components of a successful digital strategy
  • The ability to assess digital channels and understand their strategic role in delivering objectives
  • An understanding of how to research and analyse digital audiences
  • Confidence to ensure online data is used strategically for your business
  • Knowledge of how to manage the integration of your digital strategy across your organisation
  • Confidence to to ensure your digital strategy fits with and can ultimately influence your offline strategy
  • An understanding of how to select and manage your agency suppliers
  • The skills to confidently set goals and measure success

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, soft copies of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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This is an essential course designed for clients, agencies, SME's and professional marketers working in the UK. It is particularly suitable for marketers or agency practitioners who may have a basic knowledge of digital but are looking to broaden their perspective. Their role is likely to include the need to assess digital alongside other channels or to assess digital as a fundamental business platform.

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Annmarie Hanlon is a digital, content and strategic marketing specialist and trainer with over 20 years experience, focusing in particular on digital marketing and social media. 

She is a keynote speaker on Digital Marketing for the Institute of Directors, a Digital Marketing tutor for Oxford College of Marketing and guest lecturer for University of Derby. 

Read more about Annmarie Hanlon »

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A solid course that covers the fundamentals of digital strategy development, delivered in a consultative way that addresses issues that may be specific to your own environment.

The Digital Strategy course was excellent. The information was clearly explained, using live examples and relevant to everyone.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in furthering their skills in digital strategy.

The Digital Marketing Strategy 1 day course provided an end to end plan for analysing and defining a marketing strategy. The course tutor was excellent, providing real life examples of how to apply the techniques, along with lots of references to online tools.

Annmarie was an excellent coach and trainer, full of ideas and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed every minute of the session.

Excellent Instructor, Excellent Course, Excellent Venue...nothing more to add!

A really informative and well-paced course, which left me with plenty of ideas for strengthening my own digital strategy. The trainer was attentive and took the time to learn about our own projects and answer our questions. I will be recommending this to colleagues and friends.

Annmarie is an excellent trainer. She was extremely knowledgeable and engaging and provided a great overview of digital strategy, bringing the theory to life through lots of real life examples. I found the course very useful and have come away with lots to think about!

I really enjoyed the course (just too short!) and the presenter was excellent with a wealth of experience. I liked that she was 'classical trained' in marketing which gave it a sound foundation for the digital strategy.

Annemarie is an extremely knowledgable and experienced trainer. The course offers a good overview of digital marketing and some very informative elements to strategy building.

I was really pleased with the course. As a relative newcomer to Digital, Anne Marie lead the course for a mixed audience that was totally engaging from beginning to end. Many thanks.

Very well thought out course that makes it clear where digital strategy sits in the overall composition of a company's objectives.

The course was organized perfectly: synergy of theory, real cases, based on the professional skills of the trainer and deep knowledge of the topic. The trainer presented a huge number of updated useful tools that are necessary for digital communications strategy and implementation.

An excellent day workshop on Digital Strategy. A clear and thorough presentation looking at today's digital media, showing how it can fit in with old school marketing. It has helped me make informed digital media decisions for my business.

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