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HTML Email Development Training Course

Master the art of HTML and CSS coding for emails

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£495.00 £460.00 (until 7 Apr) Book Now
£495.00 £460.00 (until 11 May) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT

Email marketing is increasingly seen as a highly effective digital marketing channel that can provide excellent ROI. But coding emails that work well in the inbox is fast becoming a specialist skill – one that's separate to developing for the regular web.

In this one day email development course, we will give you the hands on skills to convert a Photoshop email design into best practice HTML and CSS. You will learn techniques to ensure that your email campaigns not only look great for your users, but work across the myriad of email readers.

We’ll also look at how to make layouts that adapt for mobiles using media queries and responsive email design. And we'll discuss pushing the boundaries of email code using real world examples that you may have encountered.

Course Programme

Essential Components of an HTML Email

  • Creating designs that translate well to HTML
  • What to ask from your designer

Live Coding Session

  • Techniques to prepare and slice final designs before coding 
  • Creating HTML and CSS email code that works
  • Using HTML boilerplates and snippets to save time

Coding When Images Are Disabled

  • Using web text, effective background colours and alt attributes
  • Building bulletproof buttons that work without image loading
  • Ensuring your message still gets through

Checking Email Client Rendering And Fixing Common Issues

  • Using 3rd party services to carry out email reader testing
  • Common rendering issues and how to fix them
  • Cheat sheet for email reader support
  • Setting client expectations (for agencies)

Coding Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Emails

  • Designing mobile friendly emails
  • Responsive email design techniques
  • Coding media queries in email
  • Support for responsive design; and what to do when it isn't supported

Building Re-usable Templates

  • Coding for different email platforms
  • Using shells, modules and templates
  • Making email marketing easier for non-technical team members

Future Proofing Your HTML Emails

  • Video in email
  • CSS3, HTML5 and neat tricks
  • Using social media and email
  • Setting up and using dynamic content


  • A chance to discuss real world email coding issues and challenges

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Following this training course, you will understand:

  • How to code HTML email campaigns that look great for your users
  • The challenges and solutions when coding for email
  • How different email readers support HTML and CSS and how to create workarounds
  • How to create email campaigns that adapt for the smaller screen on mobile devices
  • How to test your code in different email clients and on mobile devices
  • How to build email templates and save time by making your HTML re-usable

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, digital copies of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The Email Development training course is aimed at designers, developers or web producers who want improve their email coding skills. A basic knowledge of HTML coding is required to attend this course.

If you have no prior experience of HTML or CSS development, we recommend attending our HTML & CSS for Beginners course first.

Typical attendees include: print and web designers who need to understand how to create HTML emails; programmers who need to understand the nuances of HTML and CSS for emails; and web producers who need to better manage their teams or suppliers.

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Elliot Ross has over 8 years agency and client-side experience in email strategy, design and development. 

He was formerly Senior Creative Designer at eDialog (eBay Inc), where he created best of class digital campaigns for world renowned brands like British Airways, Sony Playstation and IKEA.

He authors the very popular Email Design Review and has contributed opinion pieces at Brand Republic and Marketing Week.

Read more about Elliot Ross »

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Very useful, Elliot is very good at explaining HTML, from the basics to more advance level HTML such as responsive code.

I would really recommend this course for those that want to take the next step with email - great course content and very experienced trainer.

Elliot is an excellent trainer. Very concise and patient, approachable and knowledgeable about all aspects of the subject. I found it very informative and would highly recommend this course to others. Thank you very much for this great experience. Outstanding venue and everyone else on the course were very friendly.

The course was fun and informative, Emarketeers looked after the attendees and made sure we got the best learning experience.

Great, thorough course, I would recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge about HTML Emails, what effect HTML emails have on your firm, and also to better their coding practice. Elliot was very personable, well-spoken, concise and patient. Thank you very much for this great experience well worth the time and effort.

The trainer was very approachable and knowledgeable about all aspects of the subject. A well presented course in great facilities with a very tailored approach to each participant. I would definitely recommend and use Emarketeers again - Thanks!

Very well presented course, that provided the relevant information to be able to create email as well as know what to ask an agency for. Outstanding place and very friendly people.

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